Who am I and who are you......

Two things.......I am ashamed I dont know more about film. Thought a while back I would do a shoot this year / early next year in film and really learn more about light......I still want to but after reading THIS interview I want to even more now. It's not even want, its need. Who am I.

Read the interview, its awesome. Here

The other thing......I have an RSVP profile, feel free to peruse!

Foto Tip Friday.....What Camera?

So Foto Tip Friday hey, here it is! I have done random postings in the past which vary, so everything from photoshop tips, choosing the right camera, lighting, copyright, pricing and so forth. It seems like there would be loads to write about but its often difficult deciding if I know enough about a subject and therefore can write about it. I have decided to therefore just write what I know! There are a million Photo Techniques and Tip sites out there so the internet is a great resources for learning more.

For some of the old lessons see below.

Today I am going to talk about buying a camera. I have posted about this before and included it on my discussions in the Facebook group however it is a question I get asked all the time, so thought it doesn't hurt to throw it up here again. Next week, we can tackle something new!

So, you have decided to buy a digital camera. Now are you going for SLR or soemthing you can throw in your handbag and take on a night out? This should be one of your first questions and if you dont know, then budget is always a good place to start!
  • How much do you have to spend?If you are looking at more than £250 then I would say yes, go for an SLR. Why not?! You can get a whole load of decent camera's these days which give easy, user functions alongside changeable lenses and large memory.
  • Memory isnt everything! I am not saying that a 14mb camera isn't any better than an 8mb but its not all about size! The majority will depend on the processor within the camera and also the functions it has in terms of if you have the option of shooting JPEG, Tiff or Raw. So don't just think big! Raw is the best 'type' of image you can shoot, Tiff being the next one down and then JPEG. Bare this in mind if you are looking at shooting high speed stuff or if you know you will be photographing things in the dark or low lighting conditions.
  • Size again! Ok so look at the size of the camera. If you are just using it to take on a night out then you don't want something big and bulky. Test them in your hand and carry them around, get a weight and size that is comfortable for you and where you may be using it.
  • I personally would recommend leaning towards the larger companies like Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Sony. They aren't market hoggers for nothing!
  • Check out the menu on the camera. Is it easy to use, are the buttons in the right place for you. Does it have enough options for you if you want to try something a bit wacky? IS feature packed your thing or do you just want a point and shoot? Also, if you are looking at SLR then does it have a manual mode so that it gives you the opportunity to take your photography skills to the next level if you wish?
  • Remember you are probably be going to be buying another camera in 2-3 years so get something you are comfortable with as chances are you will buy the same make next time.
  • Optical Zoom is better than digital zoom. Optical zoom is actually the lens moving close towards the subject whereas digital zoom the software within the camera is doing this and making up a fair percentage of the pixel data on the way. Optical zoom will be clearer, sharper and retain more detail. It will be more expensive but if you think you need it or would like something that looks in focus when you zoom in then I would recommend looking at something with an Optical zoom function.
If you have any tips that you want to share, any other pieces of advise that you would like to add for those buying camera's or anything that you would like to learn about and have me post here the please just get in touch. Comments below or pop an email to carli@carli-art.co.uk
C x

Shades of grape....the return of velvet?

As promised here is a quick email interview with the lovely Theresa from La Geneve North Events. Submerged in the fashion world and currently living it up at LFW she gives us some news on their most recent show which offers emerging designers the opportunity to establish themselves in the fashion world and promote their garments at a professional, well managed catwalk event. Plus, get free goody bags of course!

" Darling hi hi" Kiss on both cheeks then the left one again. "So your fashion show gave emerging and independent designers an
opportunity to showcase their talents to the masses...out of the list did you have a favorite designer there?"
Well our show saw 10 designers showcase over two nights. I would say on the first night, my favourite was Hanna's collection HMH Couture. Her grecian style dresses are just beautiful, and I fell in love with those when I first saw them about a month ago! She is very talented and she already has a celebrity following so that is sure to continue...http://www.hmhcouture.com/ <http://www.hmhcouture.com/> For the second night, I loved Marthe Aime's collars http://www.martheaime.fr/ <http://www.martheaime.fr/> . They stood out as being quirky and unique and I could definitely see myself wearing one of those! Marthe Aime was our only unisex label in the show. This show also featured Monica Couture's collection which was extremely popular at our last event at the Valmont Club. Her collection contains beautiful pieces with embroidery, embeli
ishments and Swarovski crystals. Stunning!

"Favourite item of clothing at the event and it doesnt have to be on the catwalk?"
Mazelinos's whole look which was evident throughout her collection was incredible - there was a strong Breakfast at Tiffany's feel (and I love that film). I abolutely adored the bright red headpieces which each of the models wore on the catwalk. I think I might make a trip to Brighton soon for one of those!

"Come on, were all dying to know - What did the goody bags include?!"
So our goody bags included an item of Love Genevieve jewellery, lots of designer and exhibitor info, a copy of DV8 magazine which has recently launched in South London, and a bottle of SIP water. I was loving the lemongrass and ginger flavour!

"Ok moving onto more recent fashion week events who was the last person you spoke to at the event and what did they do?"
Well last night, Yolande and I
went along to the KTZ show and then straight on to the Carlotta Gherzi for Sado show. We were with Daryl from Cliquisse Models and a lady called Tara who has been in the fashion indust
ry for many years.

"Have you any backstage gossip such as trips, falls, bitch fights or exciting bits of fashion info we should be looking out for?"
Well, we almost had an incident at one of our last shows where the one of the models shoes came unstrapped so she was having to slide her foot around whilst pretending that everything is fine. She managed to make it back without falling, I am not sure how!!

"Who do you usually attend fash
ion shows with and what do you go with the intention of achieving or getting from the event?"
This is my first year attending LFW and I have had a great time! It's very hectic and manic, especially as our shows were scheduled for the first part of the week too. Yolande and I have both been attending shows though, and so I think by the end of this week we will be ready to collapse. The main reason, I go is to see which trends are going forth to S/S 10. The hair and beauty trends are also really interesting as we have to create our looks for shows so it's great to get inspiration.
I would love to have seen the PPQ show and the Louise Goldin show.

"Your fashion style tip for the Xmas season?"
Velvet! I love the new style of velvet dresses with the intricate embroidery and devorie effects. They can be really sexy, sculptured and they look incredible! They are perfect for the Autumn and Winter season. Plus my colour for A/W would have to be the teal colour as seen in the shows for Mark Jaco
bs and Twenty8twelve (A/W09). I love it!

"And what other events has La Geneve North got planned for us this year?" We have lots of shows lined up for private clients, plus we are going to be starting a range of workshops shortly, designer samples sales and February's "A La Mode" looks set to be another exciting show with designers already requesting applications! Better get back to work I guess...

Well I would never have guessed velvet, you mean that horrible fabric that causes palpitations if stroked the wrong way and hangs from old women in shades of grape?! Yes indeed people.....look out for it!

LFW quick fix.....

Have been far from up to date on the current London Fashion week buzz and should really be paying far more attention. If like me you are not at the event and cant seem to keep up with it or just cant find the time then here is a quick overview thus far.

Day 1:
Headonism by Stephen Jones - new designers and their hats!

Day 2:
Hello who is this Mary Katrantzou, she is amazing!

Day 3:
Erin O Connor models for Hannah Marshall for nothing more than £10 and a cheese panini. (Ok i actually don't know if this happened on day three but it was an interesting fact and I couldn't find out what day it was!)

Day 4:
Fashion Fringe the nurturing initiative to help London designers was won by Jena Theo.

Day 5:
Viccie B turned up at Fashion East, the no profit organization set up by London's Truman Brewery in 2000. She said "I know what its like, how stressful and scary it can be." Yeah sure you do love. Bet for your new range launch you also had to remortgage your parents house, work bloody hard for years at college / university and then market yourself on actual talent rather than fame.

Day 6:
To come! I do have an insider who is getting back to me with goss and what to look out for in fashion next season!

Horses need not apply....

I would really like to take some interesting portraits of some interesting people. Maybe odd people, or actually odd is probably the wrong word but different. So people with hobbies that involve bondage and jelly, or girls that like pretending their boys with pieces of fruit. A guy that is married to his tractor or a couple who live with their horse.
Inspiration probably from the iconic Portfolio publication, my friend gave me issue 42 so quite an oldie but man a goody. Never though portraiture was really my thing and although its not my strength, in a way isn't fashion portraiture just of the identity you are giving someone rather than the identity that maybe they themselves own? I have always thought about the actual model. So if they weren't there in your studio or on your location dressed in clothes you gave them to wear and looking like you or the art director wanted them to; what would they be doing or what would they look like. Ordinary people I am sure. Portraits of models with no make up maybe. Nothing unique or exciting in that. Maybe I could find out a secret about them, something that they did outside of modeling. A thought anyway.

Apply if your interested in being snapped, whenever, wherever and however. Horses need not apply.

What a lot of toddle........

Well its Sunday and I feel like I am ready for the weekend but hey, it is nice to be all busy and buzzy. I did a fashion beauty shoot for FASHIZblack magazine on Friday and the hair and make up artist were amazing, the model was also excellent and had an amazing athletic figure. I was the problem. Not as happy with the images as I would have like to be, maybe as I was so happy with the last lot but I got a couple of images I am kind of happy with. Editing them now so we will see. Hard to edit images your not happy with though.

I missed the fashion show which I really wanted to attend due to a fire or something on the M25 so that was a disappointment but had a far better time than expected yesterday evening at the Feast of Dorset that I photographed for friends that own Seamless Tents. Amazing tents (of course!) and music etc and we ate a legendary fish dinner (www.thefishclub.com) which went down a treat after the photography. Numm Nummm.

Right I'm off, nothing of real content to say and need to get these images edited plus would like to spend some time vegging out in front of the TV in my PJ's, eating crisps and Chocolate raisins.


Sudocrem Diaries....

Alongside my tiredness Sunday I also had an allergic reaction to a face cream which has left me with an attractive cluster of red, dry patches all over my face....joy. Having just about got over the shock I can now be found hiding indoors covered in Sudocrem and using the time to actually be a little constructive!

The beauty shoot for FASHIZblack looks like it is going ahead on Friday. I have kept a little quiet about this one as it was all up in the air and chances are it still may not go ahead of if it does, not even appear in the e-Zine. However with things looking promising I thought i have nothing to lose apart from my pride (and that was lost with the seventh application of cream) so here it is. It is a beauty style shoot and I am working with make up artist Lucy Gregory who I have used before and we both recently worked together on my 'Louis & Me & Nettle Tea' series. I am hoping to secure another MUA as well to add some dimension to the whole thing. Ideas are pretty sketchy to say the least but we have a colour theme of Grey, Pink and Purple and with beautiful dark skinned models I think the effect could be stunning. Fingers and legs crossed and lets see what happens. I better get that sketch book out though and at least attempt a plan or brief of some sort!

The only other thing of recent is some backstage photo's from the most recent editorial - these can be seen at my Facebook group if you fancy a peak.


This week promises:
- Interview with......Ok not 100% sure yet but there will be one!
- Preview of my first beauty shoot
- A Photoshop tip - Gradient Glow
- Corporate work...some examples and some questions

C x


After an exhausting night being kept awake by a drunk sibling I have failed to do anything constructive today really however have managed to sit down and put some time in to researching submitting work to fashion magazines. It is a hard business and I can imagine literally thousands of photographers are doing the same thing everyday but if I don't start at least learning how to do it properly, then I don't stand the first chance.
Part of my 'big' plan is to shoot more and more fashion and put myself forward for more and more editorial ideas and to just get myself out there more.
As it has been a pretty mind bending process I thought I would record some of it here for you guys in case you found it useful should you, like me be trying to submit any work!

Btw - this is just info I have found from looking online and in books so there is probably plenty more and not all of it may be useful but its there. If you have any further suggestions or ideas - please feel free to leave comments!

- What are you shooting? What style do you have? What style does your photography fit into in terms of magazines or publications
- Research the magazine, buy the magazine, live the magazine you wish to submit to.
- Polish your online portfolio then polish it again.
- Get a printed portfolio so if you are called in or if you are going to send it off. (I am yet to do this however will have it done by Feb next year. Am budget planning now as want to get a few so I can send out to more than one client / magazine / editor at a time.
- What do you have to offer them?
- Do they accept submissions and if so, is there a particular theme they are running for the next issue so you can have something ready and waiting
- Do you have to submit words as well?
- What file formats / colour profile / size etc should submitted work be in?
- Editors / art directors name and contact details
- Email, Call and post. Get in touch. Don't stalk but be persistent.

Helpful sites:

S.O.T.W and a bit of Cosmo....

So two bits of very good news today......

Got some press at cosmopoliton.co.uk as my image was used from a Catwalk show I photographed earlier in the year. In association with La Geneve North and A La Mode this feature is all about grabbing your tickets for London Fashion week!

Also got awarded S.O.T.W on fashionphotographyblog! If you have not read this blog you MUST. It is one of the most respected and resourceful blogs out there for those trying to get somewhere in fashion photography. Written by Melissa Rodwell this is the one stop shop for reviews, image ideas, tips and tricks and top notch advise. Melissa comments on all images personally which is really great especially when her schedule must be hectic as so get yourself there and check out her posts! Oh - and my pic of course!! Once again thank you to all involved - Louis de Gama for the clothes, Lucy Gregory for the amazing make up, Tara Walker and Morgaine Matthews for being the stunning models and Theresa Callanan for styling. Also to my assistant Megan. Thank you all!!

thought for the day....

One of the things I appreciate most of all is friends and families opinions of my work.

It really means a lot when a mate or a member of my family takes a look at my work and gives me positive feedback. Of course I love getting compliments from others but when a friend says to me how much they like my stuff and I know they mean it, it really makes me feel good. Support for what I am doing and what I am trying to achieve is so greatly appreciated from loved ones.

Not sure my excitement extends to some friends a lot of the time and honestly, it is frustrating when your mates don't share an interest or don't seem to have the time to check out your images, but I know that people are busy and that frankly; not the same things allure us all. That said I got a lovely text today from a good friend today, "Can I just say hun I just checked your site since the relaunch and it is fab, you truly are a very talented photographer looking at your work. Not just saying that cos your my mate but I truly believe you capture the atmosphere or person in the image."

How lovely. It made me smile big and smile wide and a big thanks extends to that friend and all of those that have supported me!

Ah - a positive thought for the day!!

Louis loves Nettle Tea.....

Drape Jackets, IFE and some chocolate....

Been a little lame on the posting front but have been really busy and then the last 2 days actually steered clear of the laptop and had some days where I don't work - miracle!

Anyway back on it as have a week away from the P/T job to get my head down and figure out my big plan basically. Get some marketing done, clear my editing, sort out my huuuuggge filing pile and update my portfolio. Plus look properly at when I can move to London and go at this full time. It was a hard decision quitting my full time job a couple of years ago as for me at the time, it was a career. I was on the design team for a production company designing menswear for the likes of French Connection and Ted Baker, my salary wasn't bad at all and I loved it. I was however not creatively challenged enough and buttons were not being hit, so here I sit today 18 months down the line with a part time job to get the cash and ploughing ridiculous hours a week into making photography work. Well its not going to work unless I do it full time basically. Yes part time supplied much needed funds and stability and its a massive catch 22 situation but its time I did this and I did it right. I have to make this really work for me now cos I cant live like a student forever! So here is to actually going for it and taking the leap to freedom!!

In a bid to fill myself even more so of creative juices and drown in the 'buzz' I am currently going to London at least 2 or 3 times a week (even if its just to drive through Shoreditch!) I am planning another 2 fashion shoots to complete before the end of the year and I am buying magazines like there going out of production and tearing out my favorite pages and sticking them on my wall! I love it. My working environment is starting to come together!!

One of these 'creative' moments urged me to go shopping (no really it was the creativity!) so off I went into town to get some business bits and bobs and also generally ogle at clothes. I found a beautiful jacket that I justified spending £70 on by telling myself not only could I wear it out but also it would be perfect for photo jobs where a little stylish smartness was required. Well, all in the name of Carli-Art photography!

Today see's me flicking through Harpers Bazaar, replying to some photography job posts I have seen and delving into the inspirational publication called Image Makers Image Takers. A great book to immerse yourself in and give yourself some much needed arse kicking. I will also, as tradition has it, be sat here at my laptop editing. I cant wait to finish the fashion pics as for once in quite some time, I am actually really pleased with my images from the shoot! Yay!

Over and out - till I get bored later and write again ;-)

A little more to brew...

Editing the images and so far so good.....still more to come but for the moment would love your thoughts......