Looking for an idea....

I love freebies.  I also love advise, conversations with people that have experienced things and can give me an honest opinion on it.  Food, Clothes, Shoes, Handbags (see the theme here!) and also business or marketing, or where to get some great inspiration.

On that basis I decided to start an 'Ideas' page.  A page on my website you can click to and get some ideas, some advise and some free tips.  Much like the photography and photoshop tips on the blog the Ideas page on my site is more of a guide......what to expect from events photography, what questions to ask your photographer.  Doing it yourself?  Tips on how to best capture the atmosphere of an event and even what images work best with PR and Marketing material.

If you want to get your free ideas just go to | Carli - Art photography | and visit the More tab.  

Loreal Colour Trophey...

I was asked to take pictures for the entry of the Loreal Colour Trophey on Sunday and met a great team.  I worked with Lucy (MUA) who I have worked with before on a couple of shoots and we had a great catch up and as per usual she did an amazing job.  The model was new to the scene and this was one of her very first hair shoots - mine too then!  

I used a lighting scenario I had never worked with before and chose to use 3 heads.  The main light was quite close to the model and we used a medium sized soft box, a snoot was pointed on the background and then there was a fill light which I was bouncing off an umbrella back into the frame.  Studioxill helped with this set up and really looking forward to doing some more experimenting with the help of their layouts.

Here is wishing Julia all the best in the Awards...I look forward to my dinner and drinks invite on winning!! ;-)

(Words to follow from cast and crew)

Model Look Books...

Some new pics of some wonderful Models!
Twon Allen / Elle Colman

Glass Fairies...

If you haven't yet experienced The Glass Magazine then its definitely worth taking a look.  Lose yourself for a moment in this 'of the moment' fairy-tale video editorial....

(Image courtesy of The Glass Magazine, Diego Merino)

Eye Eye Captain...

Foto Tip Friday actually on a Friday....what is the world coming to!
So just a quick one this week but essentially its about improving skin in your photograph.  I only tend to really work on skin for fashion or beauty images but you can go overboard and that clone stamp can create a lot of softness.  This is purely what I do to improve texture, remove blemishes and so forth so take what you will out of it.

  • One you have messed with exposure and colour balance etc I would then start any skin work.  
  • Keep editing bits and then look at what you have as a whole, its seriously easy to get carried away and not realize the difference being made.
  • Take regular snap shots to see your progress
  • I use quite a high opacity brush for skin cloning (between 11 - 22) and do all the work on a separate layer, i then lower the opacity of that layer if needed.
  • Use a bigger brush on the forehead, cheeks and chin and then get smaller around the mouth and the eyes.
  • The eyes are particularly important hence the image.  Using too much cloning can really make them soft and  you lose the impact.  It is also important to not go overboard on removing dark circles or wrinkles as these all add expression.  
  • Work slowly, adding more as you go.
  • I use a harder clone brush around the eyes so things aren't quite as soft and in areas where feasible i use the spot healing brush.  Again on around 11-22 and the larger the better.
  • Use your history brush on 'Multiply' to accentuate the lashes and the eyebrows.  I also use it like an eyeliner to create some definition if needed.
  • Use a high pass sharpen action if you want more sharpness but remember this will bring out pores and lines Don't remove all the pores in the skin, this is not realistic.  Fade some and even ger rid of some but dont remove entirley otherwise the model will look like a doll.

Got your own tips? Know a great way to improve pics...get in touch and show people what you've got!

Cotton Wool and Lighting Diagrams....

Okay so I only watched about 40 minutes of it but the bits I did see were, well, interesting.   One of the Gallagher brothers being a general idiot and throwing his microphone into the crowd, the Spice Girls becoming only 2 and Lady Gaga proving she in fact has a stunning voice and is able to demonstrate some rather flexible dance postures even while wearing the left overs of my bathroom bin in her hair.

As well as the Brits those in Fashion are celebrating London Fashion Week (booo, I missed out this year) and New York fashion week to come.  I hear all things are good if not busy.  In fact the one bit of advise i did get about attending LFW as a tog was if you were backstage don't use the same toilets as the models, messy!  Their words not mine.

On the photography front I am excited to announce that I am taking part in a hair and beauty shoot this weekend for the Loreal Colour Trophey - good luck Tom with your entry!  Photo's and any words of the crew to follow.  

While doing some research for this shoot actually I came across an amazing website that gives you full blown lighting breakdowns from a picture  I posted the link last week but here it is again as I think its so fab!  Also, here is the link where you can download your very own lighting diagram.....this could keep me amused for hours!

(picture courtesy of nymag.com)

"I'd be a toaster" Meet the Ltd Ink shoot crew...

If Sophie was an object found around the home she would be a pillow.  Not I assure you because she is round and soft but because she loves them.  I mean who doesn't, a sofa would be incomplete without them.  She also likes to remind us that socks with sandals are only fashionable when worn with heels and to be turned on she requires something edgy, interesting and unusual.  These are the fine words as spoken by Sophie Paxton, the stylist and miracle worker with whom I have worked before and chose to work with on the Limited Ink shoot.  She brings that 'pop' to my bang.

I would also like to introduce you to the rest of the lovely crew.....

Antonine Allen, Male model, is a quiet laid back chap who has been in the modeling industry for just over a year.  He enjoyed the Ltd Ink shoot due to its cool concept and arrived listening to Tirrs Riley.  The man has attitude, style and a crazy set of locks.

Elle, part French put some sweetness into the shoot and loved the Geek chic styling.  She last spent her hard earned pennies on food and believes that if she was any object she would be a mirror as it reflects the truth.

Our fabulous MUA was the wonderfully talented Jenny, who day to day works on great film productions and is a dab hand at effects.  She loves to come back to fashion and beauty though even if it does involve living her life out of a suitcase!

The shoot was a new experience for Maria Monfort who assisted and is currently studying hard to complete a BA in Photography.  She mentioned that she likes to sit and relax and would therefore be a sofa if she could be anything.  I like the thinking behind that.

Now if you hadn't already guessed I was the photographer, no there is no pic of me I stay behind the camera.  I liked the shoot because I like the tee's and I love getting a team together and experimenting with ideas.  It was a new experience with me as I tend to stick to natural light situations and outdoor spaces.  If you asked me what turned me on clothes wise I would say nothing, literally nothing.  Naked is best.

So there were a few words from the team and now to get the pictures edited and up for you to see!

In the meantime if you have the luxury of procrastinating this Saturday morning, check out this link - StudioXil.  Some excellent advise for lighting scenarios and getting the most out of those Bowens.  Plus they even show you the make up brief and the finished picture.  Great site. 

A lot of not a lot & something....

Excuse the lack of posts the last few days, I have been what can only been known as rather busy.  To Leeds and back yesterday and today and previous to that just way too much going on with networking events and meetings here and there.  To all of those I met networking and whom I still haven't followed up with....my sincere apologies!  Look out for something this weekend.

I am having album issues.  Its not good for the stress levels at all.  I am also having issues in a sense that I have not even started properly editing the Limited Ink shoot, damn and damn again.  Promise its coming soon though.  That alongside an interview with the cast and crew, some words from fashion designer Louis de Gama and yes...a photo tip Friday.  It will happen!!  (Maybe not on a friday but it will happen.)

Right, work.  Must do some.

PS: The picture is to pay tribute to Alexander Mcqueen.  RIP.  If you want to learn more about this tragic loss to his friends, family and fashion, click here.

White walls and Shadows...Sneak Preview....

Welcome Antwon Allen and Elle Coleman, the faces of the Commercial Fashion Shoot yesterday.  I have not had a chance to review all of the pics yet and decide how I feel about them as I decided to give myself most of the day off and enjoyed copious amounts of tea in bed with Hollyoaks and re-runs of Friends!  This is just a sneak preview...unedited.  (What am I doing?!)  I am thinking of maybe adding a few filters and so forth and de-saturating the pics but all to be experimented with.

Keep your eyes on the blog for the finished set of images and some words from the cast and crew.  All of whom were lovely I might add.....thank you to Elle, Antwon, Jenny, Maria and Sophie.

The Countdown begins....

I've had migraine symptoms, I have had a cancellation and a rebook, packed the car with far too many clothes and tested all the equipment. Everyone is aware of arrival times, the call sheet has gone out, Model releases are waiting to print & I have spent a rushed twenty minutes in Topshop and H&M searching through their undie department to find some 'so uncool there cool' boxers and girl shorts.  Done done and done.  So why do I feel like so much is missing?

If you are not already aware tomorrow is the Limited Ink shoot.  A Geek Chic explosion of funky graphic tee's, biker boots, school girl plaits and high waisted denim.  I have a fantastic team together (all of whom will be featuring here) and an amazing location. Keep your eyes peeled Ladies and Gentleman as these images will not only be appearing on my site, blog and fb pages but also as the brand image for this stylish tee brand.  Check them out, they have a special on at the moment and you can steal yourself a limited edition t-shirt for only £15!  

Fingers crossed for tomorrow and looking forward to sneak previews appearing here at some point over the weekend!

Casting Call.....

This time a request!  
I am looking for a Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist for this coming Saturday, the shoot is based in Buckinghamshire and is a Commercial Fashion shoot.  Style - Geek chic.  Compensation TFCD and £15 expenses, if you are interested or want to learn more please feel free to EMAIL ME.

A 4.30am alarm call...

Some new images from the Breakfast Briefing held by Engage Group London where Caroline Spelman, Shadow Secretary of State for Communities and Local Goverment was the guest speaker.  (The hotel was beautiful, if you have never been to the Haymarket I can highly recommend it!)