Capturing that moment...

I photographed a very special birthday last weekend and not only had a lovely time but I am delighted with some of the are a few to wet your appetite...   


(If you were a guest at this party and require a reminder of the gallery address or password, please email me.)

"Oh my ears & whiskers, how late it's getting..."

So for those of you who don't know I also work a p/t job as well as being a tog....a girls gotta know she can get that new paid of shoes!  Anyway it has been madness the last couple of weeks or so as our office is being made redundant.  Not so good.  On the plus side I am braving the Photography Full time - AAHHHHH!  This does mean though I am packing in meetings and jobs and spending a lot of time awake, in my car and generally moving from place to place at a speed otherwise reserved for Concorde.  The week has thus far been exciting though with a birthday party on Saturday, (yes photographing not drinking!) An event with Caroline Spellman and Engage Group this morning and two further meetings for the rest of the week with a Citrus flavored Ad agency and a fashionista accessories designer.  Here is hoping it continues and come the end of March, I have not resorted to other, more illicit forms of earning money.  I feel a Pretty Woman moment coming on.

Say Hello with a Smile...

The end of a rather interesting week with a few more meetings in the diary for the coming weeks, an interview with food photographer Howard Shooter (pretty confident I didn't get it. It was one of those days you think 'What did I just say...Why did I just do that?!" I was not on form. Shame as him and his assistant Ria were really lovely) and two shoots coming up over the next couple of days. Also a fantastically productive meeting for the Limited Ink Fashion shoot fast approaching on 6th Feb.

On top of that I have also come up with some lovely Corporate Portrait Packages that I think clients will be pleased with. For a start my charges for an individual and a whole office are no longer the same - doh!

So with the New Year in full gear and with many business's refreshing their brand or reviving their website design and in particular doing more and more to communicate and relate to the public, why not think about a "Hey this is me...Welcome" portrait image. It can be as white walled or as creative as you dare to go, after all its all about you! Enquire within dear Sirs.

With this Ring I Thee Wed....

Another fantastic interview here at Carli-Art photography and we have the very talented, Creative strategist Doug Hewett from Engage Group, London. Specialists in communications, branding and employee engagement.

We met Doug in his office...(yes of course he made me a cup of tea!)

• Doug, what 3 objects on your desk best describe Engage and why?

1. My mini
‘Munny’ doll - whenever anyone joins Engage Group they get given a little white plastic toy to design up however they like. It’s our way of saying you’re part of the team, and celebrating everyone’s individuality. We’re building a shelf to put them all up in the foyer…

2. My potted plant - last year we ran an internal competition called ‘Plant Idol’ to see who could grow the best desk plants. Our HR manager Emma won it easily, her Bonsai was awesome.

3. An old antique letterpress - when we left our last office I saved this from being thrown out. It stamps our very first company logo, before we joined as a number of companies to become Engage.

• I love a cake, anything sweet really tips my scales so is there a cake Friday arrangement at Engage or another advocate of biscuits who we can thank?

Shuk is our resident chocoholic - she’s always got a great stash. And we have cup cake ‘bake offs’ every now and again for our company charity. We have breakfast for everyone on Friday mornings (and beers on Friday afternoons).

• Engage state they transform relationships. Now being a fan of Dear Maggie columns when younger how would you answer the following reader question: “Dear Doug, I am thinking of proving to my boss we can work as a team, what would you recommend?”

Haha. Um, well I’d say good bosses appreciate people that see problems as challenges and opportunities. Be yourself though, that’s the most important thing.

• Pick one and why?
o Telephone
o Good old Letter
o Twitter
o Post it note

Hmm… everyone loves a letter, but I’ll have to go with Twitter - I’m a big fan of social media, one of our main growth areas has been collaboration online for employees. We help turn employees into brand advocates, which in turn affects customers.

In an age of such modern communication methods and less face-to-face experiences, do you think this makes your job harder and do you think this year may see a return of the more personable approach?

Good question - I think modern communication methods like social media and web 2.0 functionality can be profoundly personal and engaging when used in the right way. Face-to-face communications will always be really powerful, but you need to invest in talent to get great line managers. The real answer is that a combination works best - it depends on the needs of your people.

• Where does the name Engage come from?

When we came to developing the brand, it summed up our approach of engaging people with art (beautiful creative) and science (measurement).

• You have some great clients including Action Aid, O2 and Transport for London. Can you tell us a little more about these assignments and why these companies chose you to take on the challenge?

Sure. With ActionAid we created an online hub for people to build profiles, collect donations and keep their friends and family updated with blog entries. We’ve built a long-term relationship with O2 - we’ve done everything from developing a social network for employees, to measuring brand engagement across the UK. And TFL are another big client of ours - we’ve created campaigns to support sustainable travel, and developed microsites that allow Londoners to collaborate online. I’d like to think that they choose us because we’re good people to work with, we understand their needs and aren’t afraid to challenge them with new ideas.

• If you weren’t at Engage what would you be doing?

Travelling around the world to somewhere I haven’t been before…

• Like most offices there is a constantly a fair amount of gossip doing the rounds….so anything exciting you can reveal?

There was a good one the other day - turns out one of the Account Managers has a dad that was in the Human League.

• What does 2010 see for Engage?

Lots. It’s a big year for us. After a tough 2009 for everyone in the industry, it’s about pushing on now - offering better services for our current clients, and winning new clients with great new ideas.

• Final question….back to the sweets….your boss leaves a box of Thorntons in the office, a total of 35 beautiful chocolate wrapped delights. He takes 2, the mob in the office take 19 but then Sarah from HR brings a further 47 chocs in. Add these to the 15 you have stashed in your desk & divide this by the number of letters in Engage. How many chocs?

I have 15 chocolates stashed in my desk?!

It's all in a question....

Wow I really do need to get better with these Foto Tips Fridays, this was has been relegated to a Tuesday!

I have been asked a lot this week about starting a business and getting clients. With really taking mine by the horns & giving it and myself a much needed kick up the butt I suppose it attracts these kind of queries but to be honest... I don't have a clue! I often turn to friends, family and colleagues (yes including other photographers) for advise and find nothing better than just talking a really good way to start the brain ticking. If you and solely you are your business then it is hard to step outside the box and look at what others see or at what opportunities you have around you. This really is probably the most important bit of advise I can give. Grasp every opportunity you have around you, speak to others about getting your work out there and let everyone know you exist and are in the market to take some pics. Do not be afraid of criticism & once you start building client relationships...ask them what they think and why they use you. Thats it, thats the advise....don't be afraid to ask, ask, ask and grab, grab grab at opportunities!

Frolicking Fashion...

Front cover of a Pan-European (what does that mean?!) Fashion, Lifestyle and generally all round awesome magazine.

Thank you to the models, stylist, make up and hair, my Mum (who helped out loads!) and Alice at Running in Heels. Big snogs.

See it HERE

Beg and Borrow...Limited Ink Geek chic style...

Things for the Limited Ink shoot are coming along well however I daren't breath a sigh of relief as no doubt 3 days before the big day something will happen! Anyway, I have a beautiful female model confirmed, the male model confirming the date, a wonderful and fully 'lets get stuck in' MUA and hair stylist and a wardrobe stylist who just never fails to get what is needed and always delivers. I also have an assistant along for the day so, so far so good. Now all I need...oh yeah all of the props and remaining garments.

Anyway, here are some sketchbook tears and sneak preview pics to keep you entertained and also a list of what I am currently trying to source - feel free to contact me if you have anything you are willing to donate!!

Final Pics to come in Feb!

The benefits of a professional...

I am not denying that there are some very talented individuals out there who are not professional photographers and with the introduction of digital photography and the fact you can purchase a 35mm digital camera with a manual setting at about £400 has given may people opportunities to use their imagination and explore photography that they just would not have had before. It is truly great to see so many people expressing their artistic side. However (yes here it comes i hear you say!) time, practise, education and a creative eye are not something that comes from visiting Jessops at the weekend. I have trained for 4 years to become a photographer and learn about light, ISO, Aperture and White balance settings, but that aside a professional photographer can give you something else Jane in the office cant - experience and understanding.

True, there are actually a lot of photographers that do not give you that but one thing that has been consistent from my clients is that I listen. I listen and use my skills, creative judgement and passion to be the best I possibly can to produce images that leap off the page. Pictures that give you that fluttering excitement in your belly because they work so well with your PR or Marketing package, website or printed media. Pictures that just sum up...YOU.

Anyway, that is enough about me....what I am really getting at is that I want to learn about you. I really, really do because it's what I love to do. My interest is about giving you images you adore and that communicate your values effectively and to do this, I feel its about creating a positive long term business relationship and that means knowing a little bit about you! So drop me an email today or comment below and tell me one thing I didn't know about you or your company before. Here is one to get you started....

"We all divulge in lots of cheese on a Friday!" Victoria Mann, Waitrose.

Getting to know you...

Take a look at the Carli-Art Newsletter, being sent to all lovely Carli-Art clients every quarter. (Not often enough to be annoying, I know how many emails people get....sillyness!)

The newsletter has some news, some ideas about 2010 and also the chance for you to tell me about, well you! Yes YOU. My business is your business and I cherish all of my professional relationships, I want to get to know you maaannn. So, boast a little and tell me something and you never know, maybe there is something we can do for each other.

Cyber sabbaticals...

After reading an article that Lily Allen is giving up facebook, twitter and has even locked her laptop in a box now safely stored under the bed I wonder if it is to be a year where for once technology and communication go on a sabbatical.

Maybe they are having a tiff and need a 'break' for some time out alone. Will 2010 be a year where conversation becomes real again with actual human interaction, where your thumb regains feeling and you call instead of text, where blogging isn't the in thing to do and your hand doesn't creep to your bag / pocket every 30 minutes to check for tweet updates? How in a world so reliant on cyber communications will this romantic notion of writing a letter or popping round for a cuppa thrive? Who knows but it has given me plenty of ideas for a shoot later this month.

Looking back @ 2009...