Sneak Preview......

It's done!!!! Not sure how I feel about the images @ the moment but the models, assistant and stylist were amazing so an early thanks to all of them.  I have a sneak preview for you.....I MUST be going insane.  I have posted some totally, unedited pics from the shoot below, yes that was totally unedited.  Idiot. 


Now where is that bottle of Pinot.....

Would you believe it, the make up artist fell over and broke her ankle and cannot attend!! The panic has not yet set in, instead I seem to be worryingly calm.  I fear this maybe a false sense of security and later I will implode, spreading photo shoot charred brains & panic scarred flesh over those who dare approach me.  Nice.

On a more positive note.....Fat Talent are making a special appearance on the radio waves! You can listen to a phone in interview tomorrow @ 1.30pm, listen online @

(implode image courtesy of

The time is almost shoot tomorrow!  I have just spent my morning labelling everything and packing it carefully into boxes and then a suitcase, hanging garments in their designated categories - Tops, dresses, bottoms, accessories, 80's, monochrome, bra' on and on.  I feel like my head is going to explode with the number of 'must do's' spinning like a whirlwind through it & no matter how many lists I write there is always something I seem to have missed or suddendly comes to me.  Deep breaths and focus!

I am very excited (and probably more nervous!) as I have some great designers involved & have pulled together an awesome selection of clothes and accessories.  All will be getting their own feature on the blog but to introduce you to the gang we have.........

 - Maria Van Well - Garments &
 - Zedhead Designs - Handbags
 - Hetty Rose - Shoes
 - Yolande - Jewellery
 - Bags2Riches - Jewellery 

Thank you to them all. x 

Go GaGa for Zedhead.....

Designer and director of Zedhead designs, Zoe Thompson has provided some items for the we find out a bit more about her and her fashion label.

How long have you been designing?
2-3 years professionally, since leaving university and the subsequent launch of my website.
What do you think you offer that other designers don't?
There is always somebody out there doing similar to anothers work, but I think I have a daring and bold sense of colour.
The name Zedhead is interesting - tell me more....
Well I needed a name for my label and wanted it to be something personal, so an old childhood nickname it was!
Lycra, leather, lace or loose?
Where do you see yourself / Zedhead in five years?
I hope to have both my fashion brand and hoe wares in lots more boutiques, and the biggest and best stores both in the UK and overseas.  Also I would love to open up my own Zedhead boutique! That's my aim.
Your favourite person at the moment?
On the fashion front I would say Lady GaGa.  I love some of her statement wears from her current video.
From where do you seek inspiration for your handbags and printed tees?
From all around me on a day to day basis.  Being a print designer I am always on the look out for exciting colour combinations, new shapes, textures and how I can incorporate into new designs.  I have a fetish for exotic feathers, birds and animal prints and skins which always have great colours and textures.  Then I can look at something which is the complete opposite such as street graffiti or old decaying buildings for patterns.  I always try and keep an eye on up and coming trends and add my own twist.
Any words of advise on networking?
Get yourself on every network going and provide regular updates, new products and always be ahead of trends.  Ensure you collaborate with photographers, stylists and magazines as these are the people that give your products exposure.
In the words of Kate Perry have you ever kissed a girl and did you like it?
Ur yeah, but no but, yea!  And in the words of Moby @I like it, I liked it a lot!"
Give me one sentence that will inspire and motivate others?
If you love what you do and do it well, you will make it, even it takes time!
Final words?
Check out my website!

See some of Zedhead's handbags in my up and coming shoot - pictures will be posted @ the end of next week!!

It only takes a minute girl.....

I had 15 minutes of fame on IQONS on the 23rd and it was great!  Okay I didn't actually do anything but my profile was advertised on the main homepage & I have since received in excess of 50,000 views and some new invitations from other IQONS users.  This is all great news & I cannot wait to get round to emailing them all & hopefully planning some meets or even shoots for the future.  It did get me thinking though about other things that can be done in just fifteen minutes........

 - Calling a company you are interested in working for & seeing what you can do for each other
 - Draft an email to a photographer / artist / other creative you want to work with.  
 - Update your Facebook status with "this is what I did in 15 minutes"
 - Eat 350g of Dairy Milk
 - Pat a dog till it rolls over on its belly
 - Complete your details on the HMRC website for self assessment (I know I could hardly believe it either!)
 - Check your bank balance and transfer £10 to your savings account
 - Google image search your own name
 - Make a cuppa and grab a biscuit
 - Bend over, touch your toes, turn around and sit down, you can rest for the other 14 minutes
 - Check out the Fat Blog at
 - Piss off a Goat
 - Sketch the dress you envisage making if money does get that tight, then realize it actually takes as long to find and buy online
 - Check out my IQONS profile and add yourself as a member too!


Why not I thought, I have nothing to here I am shamelessly promoting my photographic services.  Do you need a corporate photographer? Do you know someone that does?  Interested in client focussed, eye catching PR or commercial imagery?  Carli-Art can offer you all this!

Check out my website for previous examples of my work @

Fashion - I do that too!  Currently looking for work experience or assisting & any opportunities in this realm of the world would be welcomed.  My book is ever increasing and more images will be coming at the end of this week....I am excited!!

Chase the pound.....

It is always a really hard thing when chasing money from clients.  You want to keep them as clients and really, you want to be sure you stay on their very best side so they think of you again in the future; however you cannot work for free.  Bills must be paid.  You provided the service and it is only right that you be paid accordingly for it.  However it doesn't mean that makes it any easier when you have provided the goods, sent an invoice, made it payable after 30 days (which is a long time for a freelancer!) and then it is another few weeks before you see the money, and that is if you squeak away like a rusty cog.  

It is unfortunate as well that the larger the company, the more they seem to think they can get away without paying you on time. I in all honesty find it really hard work.  The only thing I can possibly suggest is to be polite with your chase emails.  Email once then phone.  Try to be put through to the finance department first rather than your contract as it may be the case that they are not even aware the invoice remains outstanding.  If you have no luck with the finance department, the emails and the phone calls then try your contact.

Also, think about this carefully, really carefully but as a freelancer you can charge interest.  You are allowed to charge 8% per annum on any outstanding amounts.  I wouldn't recommend putting that on your first invoice to a client but if needs must; you can add it to a third or fourth invoice if it seems necessary.  Just think about who you are invoicing and go about it carefully.

If any of you guys have any tips that you can recommend then please.....I am open to ideas!  Show me the resources to show me the money!!


With my post last week about reality hitting & the fear that seems to be moving along the pit of my stomach in terms of not making it past the next few months, I have been doing some online research in terms of marketing & self promotions for the little guy....or woman.  It's Sunday, it's raining outside & what else am I supposed to do with my day (apart from the obvious and practically obligatory pub visit) so I lit a fire, toasted some hot x buns & snuggled up to my is what I found.  Well I had to post something, this blogging is addictive.......

Aladdin's cave......

I went to an amazing shop earlier today and like the title states, it was an Aladdin's cave of jewels and treasures.  The reason for this visit - the shoot next weekend.  Seriously lacking in jewelry (considering this is a shoot based around the accessories this was becoming an issue!) so I spoke to Yolande, an artist and fashion stylist who alongside her mum sells a wondrous amount  of vintage and often one off pieces of jewelry from a shop on Fonthill Road in London.

As you walk in you are overwhelmed by the amount of jewelry this shop can fit in it, alongside fabric, buttons, sewing bits & handbags.  A good rummage however unearths some fab pieces & it suddenly dawns on you, not only is the cash in your wallet quickly being spent but the date you had later that afternoon is going to be cancelled; you could spend all day in this shop - believe me!!  

So I happily walked away with a bagful of stuff for my shoot which you will of course see in the images over the next couple of weeks.  I couldn't not treat myself though and my new c/card had a test run buying a necklace and two brooches which I cannot wait to wear.  Went through a brooch wearing phase about 2 years ago and I can feel another one coming on so these have started it nicely!

If your in North london or don't mind the tube journey then get yourself in there, it really is worth it. 
4 Seasons Shop, 31 Fonthill Road, London N4 3HZ


Today I paid a visit to Primarshay to get some bits for the shoot, one of my favorite spots to go bar charity shops.  They still remain top of the 'best find for a pound 'leader board as far as I am concerned.  Anyway, I came across what are known as Shutter shades. My brother was more than shocked when I didn't know what they were, a snigger followed by "Even I had a pair" suggest I am getting old....oh.  

Moving on.....Apparently massive last year following  a good showing off by Kanye West and selling out ten fold, they are a trendy alternative to sunglasses.  I do not know what I was doing while this trend hit big but I have to say, I have not seen them before.  A quick google search identified the fact I had been living in my own world of laptops and F stops & yes they were big - REAL BIG!  

So behind the times I am but I have still chosen to pick these wonderful gold specs for my Trash to trend feature.  Talk about 80's trash which has clearly got trendy - these things are awesome!  I have purchased them for the shoot alone & cannot see myself strutting down Camden high street in a pair but for the photo's - they will rock!  I love them so!  

Alternative Realities......

Still somewhat strapped for cash & having to spend the weekend doing my taxes & scaring myself by saying things like 'that one's for the lawyer darling' I thought I would cheer myself up.  This involved looking at things I could be doing otherwise, mainly eating, shopping and socializing.  If I really can't be spending money then I will dream about spending me insane while I drift off into an alternative reality where work commitments, the queens head & general life don't get in the way of; well the rest of it - the good stuff!

Captain Oates Left Sock
"Punters and performers sit together in a circle of chairs. The play presents a sequence of discussions between a dozen voluntary patients, interspersed with narration from an increasingly uncertain Dr Parks (Tom Marshall). We meet supercilious but suicidal Carter, whose wife has murdered their baby; lachrymose Juliet, who wishes to be punished for the sins of others; and mouthy young David, distraught by his wife’s adultery – but relaxed about his own."  
Too much is not enough
The delirium of fame and fandom along with the darker underbelly of worn out and depraved celebrity define the work in this show by five artists who each have their own fascination with this heady subject matter.  
The Fat Blog
A delicious Side dish to Fat Talent live a group of creatives get together and can't help themselves from helping us.....a place of gossip, random writings, interviews (Fat Chats!) and most importantly; exposure for the masses of young talented people out there

Lovely sale shoes from Faith, having just decided that my credit card can take the pain I have purchased them!  I love the pleated boot look and for some time now have been looking for something like this.  Maybe I will add a brooch to jazz them up.  Where are you Mr Postman!?
A bit of a selection here but feeling the cosy dresses & cardi's, actually would go great with the boots above.  The dress from Thats Just Vintage shop on Ebay is winning the top place though I think, how cute!

Best thing I heard all day......

"I feel that my pictures are more like scalps, rather than heads. You have to look inside them"


"Whatever you're interested in, go for it. You can only find your voice if you're not intimidated by doing stuff that's been done before."


Testing take 2......

Some bits arrived for the photo shoot today from Zedhead designs.....they are great!  Combined with some of my odd bits and the stylists extensive collection of goodies we are going to have some fun!  Behind the scenes pictures will be taken and you will see hissy fits, models with no make up, stylists with their hands somewhere they probably should'nt be (adjusting adjusting!) and possibly me; looking stressed, shakey and clutching a vodka or two!  

It's all coming guys......


I have also posted to the Fat Blog - see Zedhead designs there too!

In an instant.....

You may have read that after 62 years, Polaroid are stopping production.  

For all professional, amateur or just the everyday photographer this is a great shame.  Whether a medium format user or a handy instant pix camera,  the joys of taking a polaroid & being presented with an image a few minutes later are amazing.  In terms of film photo shoots they offer you a quick way to test the light and models often grabble over the best polaroid, both photographer and muse wanting that raw moment of the day captured so, well instantly.  Somehow I feel that polaroids have something more true or unfeigned about them, like the camera and film can lie but the polaroid cant.  Maybe because I see them as a test for the 'real thing' - the polaroid can capture the true moment before the pose comes into play.  Anyway, on reflection of the news polaroid may no longer be, I found a vintage polaroid camera on Ebay - it's my find of the week and I think it's great.  Get in there before I do!!

15 minutes.......

Fifteen minutes of fame hey.....exciting business! As an avid and "promise I'll be more active member" of IQONS, I have my fifteen minutes of fame coming up on 23rd January.  What this involves exactly I am not entirely sure but I believe for a day your profile gets special and focussed exposure?!  Watch this space I suppose, and log on to my profile and see what its all about......

PS: Creative? Get yourself on IQONS - fantastic!

Life's Lessons.......

Corporate and commercial work to me, is important as a photographer.  Not only does it help to pay the bills but it keeps me active in photography & helps me to develop my skills; technically and in dealing with briefs, clients, copyright, editing and so forth.  Most importantly though, dealing with people and the expectations of running a business.

When I left university I was very blinkered and naive about commercial photography and thought corporate work would never be something I would do, I didn't want to be just another corporate photographer however, I have to say that I really enjoy it.  I try to give the subject a fresh approach & particularly enjoy translating and communicating my clients values into an image.  Not just any image though, one that they visually find exciting and emotes a feeling or emotion that captures the subject, event or person being photographed.  

With the credit crunch in full swing I must admit I am nervous about this year but am determined to plough as much time into my commercial portfolio as well as the fashion thing.  I have been concentrating a lot on that the past few months and I have reaped the rewards (the blog being part of that!) but thought that the whole picture needs looking at now and then & over the next few months as well as all the other sidelines I seem to have going on and various postings I will be sharing; I will also be demonstrating my other side - the corporate photographer.

I try to concentrate on events, commercial and corporate PR and have worked with some amazing business's already.  If there is one thing I can say to anyone else out there setting up in photography is remain focussed on your dream but don't forget the day to day.  I have learnt a million lessons since starting & hope to continue being a contender in the corporate sector.

Lesson 1) Believe in yourself and do not be scared to experiment
Lesson 2) ALWAYS offer excellent customer service.  Quick responses to emails, phone calls, updates and keeping your client in the loop.  Make them feel looked after.
Lesson 3) Network.  Not only does it help to create business opportunities but you suddenly open yourself up to a lot of helpful advise from people that have been in the industry a lot longer than yourself and know the ropes.
Lesson 4) Smile and present yourself well.  No Jeans!
Lesson 5) Listen to your clients, really listen.  See the subject or event as they would.  What do they need from the image.  It's about them!

Sheep or Shepherd.......

Now I have an odd collection of clothes.  Some really what you would call 'of the moment and fashionable' and those which I would wear to a party or London or something.  Then there are office clothes, basically a collection of black trousers, t-shirts & shirts to wear to an office where believe me fashion is not top of the list.  (I liked working in fashion last year - it meant making an effort every day!) Then I have ya know Sunday clothes.  Which are loose jeans and a cardi.  You will see me one day & I may look like a person who has little interest in up to the minute dress then you will see me another and hopefully, well maybe think I take at least a little interest.  

(Some of my fave jewelry plus the trainers I am currently wearing - bring on the reborn Green Flash!)

Now style is a unique thing, an individual way of expressing one's self through not only what you wear, the accessories you adorn but how you carry yourself and the impression you make on others as you enter that room.  It's something I think constantly develops and is forever changing.  Weather a shepherd or a sheep, everyone has their own take on an outfit.  Anyway I have a project going in my head & to be honest I am not sure why I am doing it but I am, so thats good enough for me.  I suppose I think it might be interesting.  But I am going to photograph what I am wearing, what my mates are wearing, what my sister (i like her style!) is wearing etc etc & just post it really.  Accumulate a whole load of styles & how its a totally unique thing not only per person but per day or even hour.  Some of us (maybe most of us?) can tend to judge weather we are fashionable on other people's clothes, so compare and contrast kind of thing.  This will create like a map of fashion around me really.  May try the whole street photography thing as well if I see someone I like.  Thats the things with me, I see something I love and have to own, knowing full well I will never wear it.  Anywho.....I will post a few but work on creating a montage, so; on with the images........


Now apart from dressing to impress I have never really thought about what I wear identifying me as single, or in fact part of a couple.  Someone wrote to me the other day suggesting that their company / website may be able to change all that and like those married happy chaps demonstrating their commitment with a gold band on the finger of their left hand; I too could jazz up my daily outfit with an accessory that would label me as single.  It is know as the SHI symbol.

Now to be honest I am really not sure what my opinion of this is.  SHI stands for Single, Happy and Interested.....but even though perfectly reasonable is this still just a little too obvious?!  Is it a more polite, PC way of sitting there with a mini skirt on saying 'come on boys I'd have some'??  The answer, I really don't know.  It does intrigue me though.  

The 'accessory for fashionable singles' has hit big in America and is now being introduced to UK and Ozzie markets.  In the millennium it was claimed that by 2010, 40% of UK women would be single and living alone - with our career ambitions, higher earnings and increased social connections apparently we want a guy to match this.  Maybe this SHI symbol really could kick off then for that time when we decide, we do want a man in our lives.

So, if you are single and want a modern traffic light system of picking out others that are, then this fashion accessory is for you.  They don't just offer straight talking either, there is a different symbol dependent of the type / sex of partner you want.  Check it out, you decide.

So now darling.......

Bringing YOU a little extra (Gee I sounds like a supermarket ad!) & giving me even more excuses to browse the online market place that is Ebay - I have added an 'Ebay find of the week.'  This could be anything, so vintage, (this week!) fashion, quirky furniture, jewels, random bits and just stuff that basically; I want! Some weeks if I really love them I may even post about them, who knows.  If you find something that is cool though let me know - its all about the people people! 

I have also added an event of the Mo Jo.  This is just a couple of events that look pretty nifty and are happening as we speak / type / read!  Check them out in the sidebar.  

Juggernauts of thought...

Stylist Sophie Paxton is the start, middle and end of these images.  Although I was the photographer for this shoot; the concept and clothes plus all prop ideas (typical - a magnum of champers!) were done by Miss S.P herself.  Together we worked on the artistic direction to create imagery that is romantic but fun & relies heavily on strong styling.

The reason I wanted to post this really is because the shoot planned for Sat 24th (oh god is it that close!!) is going to be styled by Sophie.  We had a meeting earlier this evening and I downloaded all the ideas, colors, electricity and Childs-play that was causing mayhem in my head & we worked on creating solid imagery on the day.  Sophie gets my insane 70mph juggernauts of thought, I like her for that!  (And other things of course if your reading this!)

Anyway together we have thrown some thoughts into a large pot and there it sits on the hob boiling, in 9 days that pot will overflow; bubbling with apart from anything else....100 neon balloons. 

Informal Flap......

I am not being rude with the above heading, apparently this is another word for 'Panic' which is what I am currently doing. I prefer this saying though - Excuse me while I have an informal flap.  Brilliant!
Anyway on with the post - I did not start this blog to moan, far from it - I have poor souls here I can do that to!  However I thought in telling the story of a wana-b maybe you would want to know, the high's and the lows and so forth. Anyway today has not been a good day.

7am: SH** 7am is way to late, I should be leaving in 45 mins and I know I cant get ready in that amount of time!  Rush on to get to work.
9am: Get to work on time (phew!) but after the 25 minute walk in the rain I now have damp feet (damn Primarni shoes) & am generally having a real Monday morning mood low.
10am: The main model in my shoot is unable to make it.  What?!  No Model.  Search begins for a new one almost immediately, friends, family - they are all involved!  My model has no idea as to the wave of fear that has just washed over me.  Deep breaths, we have time.
12am: Blackberry dies, about the only thing that keeps me entertained and on the edge of sanity throughout the day.
2pm: Go to the bank to double check the finances, New Year hard times and all that.  Oh dear god I am £50 over my overdraft limit.  Ok doesn't sound that bad but I now have a £30 charge to look forward to, more bills to come out over the next 7 days and no money going into my account until 26th Jan.  I officially have the money which is currently in my wallet, £11.74.  Oh.
3pm: Realise my fashion shoot is now really at a dia situation, no model and no money.  I remember that I need to pay for the studio and somehow I dont think an IOU is going to work.  Oh yes I also need to cover all the production staff expenses, provide lunch and I still have a couple of extra's to purchase. Massive re-think needed as I AM NOT cancelling this shoot!   I am however currently feeling rather defeated, my friend suggests robbing a bank.  That thought lingers in my mind a little too long, accompanied by selling myself on a street corner.  Hmmm, Gun or mini skirt.  
6.15pm: Get caught in a meeting & miss the opportunity to help put a dear friend of mine's children to bed.  I know you may think that does not sound like fun but believe me, if you have anything on your mind the giggles of an 18 month old & the screams of a 2 year old running around in her fairy outfit telling you she wants beer really do help.
6.16pm: Its pissing with rain - there is that walk again.  Note to self - buy better shoes.
7.30pm: Arrive home to find a letter advising me that I owe £645 on some of my equipment which needs to be paid by 2nd Feb.  I choose Gun.
7.40pm: A quick moan to mum hoping for at least a hug is swiftly responded to, with a "Well you should be more careful with your money then."

OK so it could have been worse, I mean a lot worse but I am going to take 10 minutes to feel sorry for myself!  If there is one thing I have learnt in the last year of running my own business though is that you must never give up.  I want to right now, in fact I want to give up armed with a bucket full of CDM (Cadbury Dairy Milk for the men reading this) and a large bottle of wine.  For now I will wallow.........

I wish.....

Inspired by the Daily Mails 'Weekend' magazines  weekly wish list of various must have goodies ranging from fashion to holidays I thought I would do my own - why not. You know its harder than you think....what would I wish for?!  Anyway after I got thinking I just couldn't stop, next year my list for Santa is going to be massive!  So here it is...I am just looking for that lamp and a genie......

Dear Santa / Aladdin, please bring me.....
- A Mamiya Medium Format Camera
- Dinner with Mr J himself - Jesus Christ
- A vintage bead necklace from Oxfam (
- A vintage red stone, silver ring from Oxfam
- An old school Singer sewing machine
- An endless number of fashion items from the lovely if not slightly overpriced 'All Saints' (Thanks Saint Chris for demonstrating this wish so well)
- A subscription to Time Out Magazine
- A smaller forehead so I can no longer be considered as an extra for the oldie but goodie Cone Heads.
- A years supply of marmite, plus the ability to make art with it as well as the artist Dermot Flynn (sorry exhibition passed, you know some of these pieces of toasts fetched £2000 each!  Eat your heart out Hovis)
- An Oscar De La Renta Dress (Available from
- A Time Capsule for My MacBook Pro
- A pair of fab Alexandra McQueen shoes - this pair, yes this pair.  I love them.

Working 9 till 5.......

So I was thinking about office fashion and how if you don't live in London or work for some uber trendy employer then you have very little flexibility in terms of what to wear.  I choose to team office basics with loads of oversized, inappropriate jewelry.  Going on that obsession of jewels, my current bondage fetish & its apparent trend for SS09; plus a little childish fun (some of this stuff would be great for my shoot!) - I have put together some items that I think would look great in any office!  By no means am I certifying that these things are 'on trend' or wanted by the fashionistas out there but its just a collection of awesome little bits and a few fave's I couldn't resist looking at & collecting together in a jumbled mess! (ps: This is not the best example of my PS skills!)

So should you be interested we have: Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Oasis, Plastic Girl Leju Designs @ and various bits from EBay!

The Oasis dress above - all in leather look for the office brings sophistication yet sassiness!  Then my fave most recent internet find, the Pied Piper necklace from Plastic Girl -

The best till last as they say - below are actual bondage ankle cuffs found on EBay.  These would be totally wearable on either the wrists or ankles & if you had to, you could just remove the rings - awesome colour as well!