Why Friday Nights are better spent out.....

What is this?! 

I am currently watching (and why I don't know) some odd film on TV which has sucked mayonnaise out of an overweight female to make her oh so 'thin and gorgeous' in a pimp my ride style, called a small black guy 'Hitch' who then gets her together with some ginger/blonde actor attempting to be like Jim Carey.  They seem to be falling in love and I suppose, it'll be all about he prefers her real and dare I say it 'Fat' rather than stereotypically slim.  This film seems be attempting a scream style rip off and copying bits of other movies we all know and well, i wont say love.

Oh my god, now there is a cat having a serious case of the runs and actually sat on the toilet.    

Odd, really odd.

Gossip Central......

Gossip....as much as we all try to admit we aren't really gossip kings or queens or we don't get involved in that sort of thing, we have all leant a little closer to get a better listen, raised an eyebrow at the the latest "he did what" comment & sadly, all picked up a copy of Hello, Now or one of the many other hot goss mags.  

I have heard a lot of gossip this week about various office flings, white bottoms, boob exposure, Marriage break up, Sex adventures & general people stuff.  This got me on the look out for more and this is what I have found...........

  • Former 'Grey's Anatomy' Actor Jeffery D Morgan recently discovered that he has a 4 year old son with Sherrie Rose, actress and producer.  
  • Gwyneth Paltrow is said to be designing a 70's inspired clothing range, teaming up with French label ZOEtee and launching next week.
  • Alternative Theatre Company Punch Drunk have announced dates for a new show throughout June and early July
  • Andy Warhol is a computer geek http://new-art.blogspot.com/2009/03/andy-warhol-computer-geek.html
  • Man wakes up in Cheyenne to find a passed out teenager on his sofa, trousers and pants round his ankles and rather a large wet patch!! They guy had wondered in to the strangers home through an unlocked door & was clearly rather pi**ed!
  • Oxford Street is to be pedestrianized over bank holiday weekend to boost visitors to the area and encourage spending!
  • The opening of the Chloe store in LA is delayed again due to Health and Safety concerns.  It is hoped to open on Saturday should all get the go ahead.  Get a sneak preview of the new collection @ http://www.vogue.co.uk/fashion/show.aspx/full-length-photos/id,7669

"A sensual & user friendly experience...."

......It says that on the box......and does it fulfill.......oh yes!!
Having brought a graphics tablet this weekend I have fully adapted already and I am a total convert!  Although yes it takes a little getting used to there are an endless number of programable functions, the pen can be as sensitive as require it and in terms of editing....well it just feels natural!  I am editing pictures better, quicker and more efficiently.  It really is a great start to the week!  Yes I am sad and yes, this excites me!  So what tablet did I get, how much was it and a few FAQs for those digital artists or photographers that may be looking at their options.....

WACOM Intuos 3 A5 Tablet
  • Cost: £229.00
  • Colour: Grey
  • Size: 345 x 262 x 113mm with an active area of 203 x  152mm.
  • Pressure sensitivity: 1,024 levels
  • Connection: USB
  • Comes with: Pen with loads of nibs (very impressed!)  / board / mouse / cable / Pen Stand / Install CD and if you need it Coral Painter Essential  
First Impression?
Ahhhhhh - I think I am in love.  Its so lovely and shiny.  Would prefer it in black but hey, nothing is perfect!  (Apart from possibly the Mac Book Pro!)
Easy to use?
Initially if you are used to using a mouse it will take a while to get the feel for the pen and the way it reacts with your movements and your computer.  It is very intuitive and sensitive and once you have spent an hour or two navigating around Photo Shop or Illustrator and the rest of your computer and apps you will wander how you lived without it.  It also has programmable function buttons down the side which is great, i find these work well when swapping from app to app.
Did it really speed up editing time?
YES!  I can honestly say in the last few days I have been far more efficent in editing.  The clone tool in PS3 reacts as it should, the pressure sensitivity of the pen offering far better control and manipulation than a mouse or the track pad.  It is quick to jump across tools and alongside all the key shortcuts my Mac works as it should do and work just gets done.  Plus it feels good while I do it.  Editing can be really boring especially if you have batches of things and this just speeds it up, makes you more productive & above all, brings a little fun back!

Own a graphics tablet?  Want to review it or let me know what you think?  Got other tips and tricks for Photoshop or editing photographs that you want to share with readers?  Get in touch - carli@carli-art.co.uk

Oh So Quiet.....

Here I am making my excuses again for being so quiet!  I have been very busy but am back with some fashion pics! I really love some of these images actually and if I am totally honest, I was not expecting to.  

The project was for some Science Students who as part of a major project had to express in a creative format some science theories and ideas.  Such as Science as communication, science as  a brand and so forth.  Well with a bunch of homemade clothes, pots of Early Grey and a very heavy bag we all trundled round London with the beautiful model Morgaine Matthews.  Random changes in the bushes, dresses covered in lots of newspaper and the odd glimpse of a bottom here and there certainly got us some stares but we had a fantastic day and even though the sunlight was a little bright in places I am pleased with the contrast and depth of the pictures.  

Morgaine is a beautiful model to work with and left me little skin clearing CS3 work to do (which was disappointing as I have also just brought a graphics tablet.....more posts coming on that soon!) but personally I am happy and I hope the girls are too!

When I actually get round to it I will be updating my website with these and my previous ChildsPlay images.

Hope you like people........send me your comments.

Catching up......

A La Mode Fashion Pics are now live and can be seen various places so check it out! Really pleased with the images altho disappointed with lens sharpness in some of them, but hey you live and learn.  The light in there was good though and not any strobes or nasty redness so yippee!  Posted some pics in my previous post but here is one of my favourites..... this model just looks beautiful and i caught her just as she seemed to be thinking of the daunting task of walking down the catwalk!  I love the emotion in her eyes.

The night was a blast and everyone was lovely.  No 'Fashion Darlings' anywhere!!  Just a good bunch of people all loving fashion.......another show to come on 18th September so if you want to learn more or see the press write up and more of my images visit http://yolandeletshou.blogspot.com/

Pics can be purchased from the night by fashion designers, press, managers, PR, guests, models and hair stylists.....please go to www.carli-art.co.uk/login and the A La Mode Gallery.

Even more pictures news and last Sunday saw another amazing installment of Fat Talent.  The roof was truly rocked as we crammed people into the venue, seeing record crowds turn out to watch some of the best in emerging UK talent.  Pictures can be seen at www.carli-art.co.uk/login and the 'Fat Talent Live March' gallery.

Aspiring Model?
Fat Talent live needs you next month.  Not only do you get to network with industry buffs, meet loads of great new people, enjoy an evening of live entertainment, get dressed up in designer gear and be professionally made up you get some great experience on the catwalk.  You are also entitled to 4x free images from the night to make a start to that modelling portfolio!!  Want to know more?!  Contact me on carli@carli-art.co.uk or write to Ady @ info@fattalent.com and let her know you found the ad here.  Good luck!!

Sleeping sweetly.....

Apparently people sleep you know...not that I have had very much of that this weekend but then thats what its all about!! I have been crazy busy so excuse the lack of post, i apologize I have not been getting anywhere close to my daily entry.  So Friday saw the car passing its MOT, which is a minor thing but all the same no car = no work! So actually, phew!  Friday night saw amongst other things me spending 4 hours in traffic on my way into London, however I was not disappointed as I arrived at a buzzing fashion show held @ The Rich Mix in Brick Lane.  It's not a venue I have been to before & was a great place with modern lines, white walls and blocks of colour and a great space which hosted the A La Mode fashion show.  The event was awesome and saw some amazing new designers graze the catwalks.  Although I did not get in as much networking as I would have liked I met some interesting people who I hope to keep in contact with & apart from anything else, really enjoyed the evening.  Just 300 odd images to edit now!  A sneak preview for you of course tho!  See above and below.


To continue the hectic events I worked Saturday and then visited Swindon on Saturday night.  Only to be leave an inebriated male in charge of directions and ending up in Bath!! Sounds ok, yea well not when you need to be 100 miles the other way!!  My early night in prep for Sunday turned into bedtime at 2am followed by a 7am start Sunday.  More work and then yes, Fat Talent Live.  I know you have heard me mention the hype of this event before but seriously, I am still shaking from the excitement of this weekends performers and even more so, the amazing, AMAZING crowd,.  A few hiccups were had but the team pulled together and we saw some brilliant musicians perform a circus type punk, hip hop, freestlye rap and even a MJackson impersonator who had the crowd flicking their fingers and shouting praises from the back rows.  Again.....lots of images to edit so a sneak preview to follow tomorrow!!

Stay tuned cos the excitement is only going to grow!!  Ahhhhh, excitement!  (I haven't event had my daily dose of haribo today!)

Twit what.......

Ok so I presume this 'Twitter ' thing is fashionable yes?  Anyway in a bid to get daaeen with the kids and increase my networking profile I thought I should join it.  After 100 attempts at uploading a picture I eventually have a home page to my profile which is relatively presentable, will be something that changes on a regular occasion I imagine but for the moment, it'll do!

So....if you want to join the Twitter revolution and become a follower or just hang out and chat, see the other cool kids & of course be kept up to date with what I am getting up to then see the Carli Art Twitter group - You know where it's at!!


Knowing me knowing you...

The Fat Mix evening promised good music and a vibe to part to, well it did just that! Although there to take pictures I was also in a social mood & thought a bit of getting to know your peers and so forth was in order.  Plus I was enjoying my stripy blue top (straight from my sis's wardrobe!!) and thought it deserved a shimmy on the dance-floor.

The evening saw DJ Chef (Lets Move Forward Productions) VS Run DJ's, both giving excellent performances and ensuring there was some booty shaking and foot tapping on the dance floor.  
The event was @ The Blag Club in London, Russell Gardens and although not the best sound system in the world it was a quirky setting which apart from the issues I had with the sheer amount of red in the images, was an interesting venue to get some images.  It was a Asian style venue with lots of big comfy seating, incense and real thick wooden tables.  The highlight of the evening I have to say was the live percussion, the bongo dude and the saxophonist.  Both excellent performers and really added a special touch to the evening.   One other thing I saw and like lots, was the gold dress being sported by a lovely lady called Vicky, suited her down to the ground & teamed with some wet look leggings and nice shoes, the gal pulled off the bling dress with pure style!!

See the pics @ www.carli-art.co.uk/login - FATMIXRUN gallery.