Various comments about my new handbag (thank you Santa!) sparked this idea...some called it tacky, others tarty....myself I call it lovely!!  Anyway T2T is Trash to Trend, looking at those things your just not sure cut it as fashion items, are they just a little too trashy?!  I say stand up and be counted, get out your items of dispute & showcase them here!  

Lets get the party started with this handbag I see as so golden - goes lovely with some leggings & a good bit of oversized jewellery I reckon.  I however for the blog's purpose, have teamed it with a faux fur jacket - something my sister found in Oxfam@ Reading Festival & I have to say, in my opinion ticks the box of possible (I use the word lightly) trash.  Together, well I personally couldn't pull it off but I reckon it could be done ya know......


I will be looking for more of these items in the New Year - am going to be doing some hardcore research on the net, in the magazines and on the streets.  Maybe we could start a T2T revolution?  There has to be hundreds of items out there claiming their place as a fashion item.

Anyway, before I go its Happy New Year and enjoy your evening celebrations.....myself, I am off to eat, drink and be merry.  I'm getting excited about the fireworks, oooo, arrrr, woooowwww; I will expect the same reactions to my wonderful handbag!

Dear Diary....

Was I attention deprived as a child?  I don't know why I asked that,I'm not even looking for attention now....I'm just looking.  I thought I would add a bit to this blog about why I am doing it and what its all going to be about really.  Suppose at some point I should update my profile to reflect that as well.

Basically, I have wanted to a blog for like ages maaann and thought it would be interesting to track the trials and tribulations of a wanna be.  I always find it interesting learning things from other peoples experiences and as we all know from facebook - stalking is clearly legal these days! But seriously, networking is great and we all love to be in the know.

Anyway, I thought I would find that interesting so pondered on the concept that maybe others would to.  I am going to treat this blog as a kind of diary.  
I won't bore you with where I am at now but I have studied fashion & photography, I STILL live at home with the rentals (I know I know), I luuuurrrvveee fashion and styling & nosing about other peoples wardrobe's and I am really loving this photography thang.  I want to do more  with film, as in film camera's and will do so this year - oh yes.  

Anyway enough I hear you cry.......Welcome to Wana-B- I am here to network and meet the masses.

(Image courtesy of couldhavebeenvox.com)

Zedhead said to Hetty "Your a Rose my dear"....

Testing testing - Childs Play....

First fashion test of 09 here we come! I am excited, not only as this has already been pushed back once but because I am already overflowing with ideas for the next one! Some amazing people are going to be helping with this shoot; I have Hetty Rose providing some shoes, Yolande Letshou providing jewellery & Zedhead Designs gracing the stage with some handbags. I may also have one of my fave shops involved, Divine Trash (I wrote a blog posting on The Fat Blog yesterday about there efforts in the sale - well done DT!)

There will also be an up and coming stylist called Sopie P who having worked with her before I can promise will be fun; I imagine we will spend the first half of the day scribbling a million ideas down as we get soaked in each others creative juices - oooo er I say! I am also excited about the smoke machine & the 100 neon balloons I have yet to infalte, think I will involve the whole family in that New Year task.

Keep your eyes peeled as images and updates on the day will be posted - the theme is Childs Play so I think it'll be a good one - fingers crossed!!

PS: Get naked and exposed - if you are an up and coming fashion designer I am looking for clothes! Would love your contribution - TFP basis. Get in touch.