Say "Hi"....the Loreal crew...

Lucy, Edie, Julia these are your questions....are you ready...
L - Like or dislike Marmite?
O - Oh really...tell us something you you which you haven't already told someone else, or wish you hadn't!
R - Recommend a product in your profession
E - Early rise and early to bed or late riser and late to bed?
A - Alexander McQueen...comments please?
L - Last words?

Julia - The hair Stylist
L - Dislike big time!
O - I'm often a but blunt, might be my german nature and then I wish I wouldn't have said things the way in which I did!
R - I couldn't live without beach-spray or surf-spray from Trevor Sorbie.  Oh or Bumble and Bumble
E  - Up early and Late to bed!  Life is too short.
A - What a tragedy, a big talent and inspiration for every artist.
L - "Enjoy the beauty of life, whatever!"

Edie - The Model
L - I don't like I LOVE!
O - I have a phobia of things being thrown around me....tip, NEVER tell that to a group of boys as things will get pelted at you!
R - Magnifeyes mascara, the best.
E - Late to bed most nights therefore late awake most mornings
A - Anyone unique, were not ALL sheep!
L - "I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair."

Lucy - The Make Up Artist
L - Neither, I have never tried it...I heard it sucks though!
O - I have never told anyone that I am scared of failure.
R - I recommend Illamasqua Eyebrow cake in 'Thunder' because I can't live without my eyebrows!
E - Late riser and late to bed, my schedule is far too mental to have a normal body clock.
A - A hugh force of inspiration in fashion, he always flew the flag of Britain with his designs and passion.
L - "Frankly me dear I don't give a damn."