Inspiration from Linus......

Name: Linus Ricard
Age: 28
Occupation: Photographer / Image Maker

How did you get into photography?
I was actually really bad at Art & thought that I was therefore not creative or meant to be in that kind of industry; Art is kind of your only way into things like that when you are young. If you’re no good at art it’s considered you’re not a creative person. But I got into fashion styling and working with some magazines & photographers just cos that is what I enjoyed. The images were never really what I wanted, so in 2002, I thought, that’s it, I am doing it myself. The camera was just a means to an end and a way of creating images of the things that I wanted to see.
Are you self-taught?
Totally. I collect cameras and just work with them creating pictures using only natural light. I tend to use medium or large format cameras, all film and love to use different equipment. I just pick up an available camera, it doesn’t bother me about having to use my own all the time or a particular brand or anything.
So your work now is art and labeled as such, did you work within the commercial industry at all?
I worked for magazines and catalogues and did a lot of commercial projects, some that I wasn’t necessarily proud of. But personal work for me is where I love to be and where my work is really. My images are not genre based necessarily, they started as fashion imagery as that is the industry I came from but now they are all projects that inspire and interest me; I just want to create imagery that I enjoy.
Who / What / Where do you seek inspiration from?
Travelling and locations. Locations are so important. I own a motorbike and love to just spend days looking for hidden locations and places to shoot. I also do a lot of travelling. I used to live in China and spent an awful lot of time there just absorbing the culture and the surroundings, exploring places you wouldn’t necessarily normally go; seeing people playing billiards on the street or something similarly ‘out of the ordinary.’ I don’t always take a camera with me either. People think as an image-maker or photographer I would take a camera everywhere but you don’t need to, I have my memory. Plus I don’t want to spend hours stopping to take pictures, its hard to get emotionally involved if you are always taking pictures.
Oh and Dance. I am really interested in dance at the moment. The way the body moves & people look when dancing. I am learning to dance too. (See the pic on his site – the man in ballet shoes – its Linus!
What drives you to be successful?
What is success?? Success is something different to everyone. I just want to be happy.
Are you happy?
Yes I am.
What other photographers or artists do you admire?
Sarah Moon is great, and Bill Henson, really interesting imagery.
What image of your own is your favorite?
The next one!
What is your favorite film?
Gumma by Harmony Korine, it has some boring bits but I think you need that to communicate the feelings and the message; I can really relate to that. I also like the Virgin Suicides.
What is on the Top shelf of your fridge?
I have been travelling so much that I have been living out of a bag for the last 6 months, so I don’t have a fridge. If I did, it would be Soya milk. I love Soya milk.
Marmite, Lover or Hater?
Well I haven’t tasted it. Vegemite put me off!
Vegemite is disgusting, blame the Ozzys! Marmite however tastes nothing like Vegemite.
Oh! I might like it then.
Right answer!

Linus has made a short film which if you keep up to date with his movements on his website you may get to have a sneaky glance of. I had my own private viewing headphones and all and it was amazing, I sat there in the café and came over all goose pimpled. The music has been specially produced for the film and features for the first time ever, a model that Linus has used for the second time. (He only ever uses models once) Linus also has an exhibition in Soho at the Claire de Rouen 121-125 Charing Cross Rd, so pop in to see some of his prints.
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