As promised this is the week of interviews - so chats with photographers from various backgrounds, with different skill sets and specializing in different areas of the market. This all gives you the opportunity to learn as much as you can about photography and not just being a picture maker, but running a small business.

The week kicks off with the lovely Emma Coleman from Blink Photography.......

Name: Emma Coleman
Business: Blink Photography

Blink photography.....how did you come up with that name?
I didn't want to use my own name and wanted something a little bit funky, so over a bottle of wine Blink Photography was born! I like the way it suggests that moments are transient and can be over in the blink of the eye and all that's left as a permanent record of that moment is captured in the photographic image.

You specialize in corporate, portraits and weddings. Do you have a favorite and why?
It's difficult to pick! The variety of these very different specialities keep my ideas & enthusiasm fresh and makes every job interesting which I think reflects in my photography. Weddings however are pretty special, you are part of a very important and happy day full of emotions, romance and wedding cake which is always nice!

So what do you put your success down to, these are tough times and running a small business is not always easy. Why do you think you are successful?
I guess it depends how you measure success, there are not that many rich photographers! It has taken a long time to make my business profitable and running a small business is extremely tough at the best of times. I think you can be an extremely talented photographer and still not have a succesful business, it's very easy to get carried away with making beautiful images, but if you don't market yourself well no-one gets to see them! Last winter I made a huge effort to market myself better and I am finally beginning to see the benefits of this.

The images that you have chosen to add to this chat, why those?
Because I hope they all represent my efforts to be seen as a Fine Art photographer, no matter what subject I am photographing, even the wedding images which I think could easily be made into a piece of wall art.

If you weren't a photographer what would you be doing do you think?
Well before I was a photographer I spent 12 years in the IT industry so I know what I wouldn't be doing! It's hard to imagine doing anything else, but I'd love to paint and in fact will probably incorporate that into my photography at some point.

Do you believe the social networking sites such as facebook, blogging and twitter are essential marketing tools and do you use them at all?
I use them all and think they are absolutely crucial to the succcess of a photography business in this day and age. They give your business more of a personal touch and help to build a relationship with potential and existing clients.

Quick fire round....are you ready?

1. What do you wish you knew more about?

2. Favourite word and why
Chocolate - self explanatory!

3. Three things you want to achieve in 2010
Solo exhibition of my Fine Art Photography
More wedding bookings than this year
100 + fans of my facebook page (please become a fan!)

4. Another person that inspires you
Lesley Riley aka my Mum who is an amazing artist and so much more

5. Your next picture project in 5 words
Post wedding shoot in abandoned asylum (any brides up for this please apply as this is currently my fantasy project!)

6. Pick one.....mascara, blusher, lippy
Mascara, no contest!

7. A question you have always wanted to know the answer to.
Don't have one, I am addicted to google which answers everything you could every want to know!

And finally, do you have any advise to give to other photographers trying to get in the game or any last words you would like to add?
If you are at college make good use of all the equipment you have access to, it'll be a lot more limited when you have to buy it yourself! Plus the work experience they will set up for you is invaluable, spend as much time as you can assisting established photographers, or take the initative and approach photographers who interest you. Lastly, be true to yourself, if you love your work then it will show and other people will love it too :)

Thank you Emma - now lets get blinking!