Quickie....Goat style....

I walked into my bedroom after making myself a cuppa and a poached egg on marmite toast (yum!) to find a one eared goat standing there looking at me like it was completely normal! The poor thing had escaped the farm next door, got into the garden and wondered right through my french doors and into the cosy confides of my bedroom / office arrangement. An interesting way to meet the new neighbors anyway!!

High Heels & Digital Bondage......

Interview with Erotic Digital Artist Tsubasa coming next week.........

Here is a Sneak Preview of his work - one viewer commented "I've been mind fu**ed." I believe that just about sums it up!

(Note - Interview also to feature on The Fat Blog)

All Glossy......

Feel like I should be writing some RIP piece about Jacko but there is so much around at the moment I decided it had probably all been said. Therefore in a bid to look for something else to write about I thought I would entertain myself with ambitions of fashion magazines that one day, I would like to feature in. Better start working on that and seriously - I am on a mission to get my shite sorted and actually start getting out there with my portfolio. Couple more fashion shoots to complete before August then POW - I am there baby!!

Picture it now.....

Here are the pictures - Becky, myself and Jess all abseiling 120ft for charity! That smile.....its fear really!!

In other news:
- New look website and logo coming soon!!
- Carli-Art facebook group further updated....become a fan if you haven't yet!
- Blog actually featuring something useful and photoshop tips coming at least once every 2 weeks
- Interview soon to be coming with an amazing digital artist, get a sneak preview of his stuff at http://www.artbytsubasa.com/
- Fat Blog being updated 2 or 3 times a day - get there for the hottest gossip, interviews and fashion know hows!

"F*** I can't do it....oooo, ok. Wohooo"

I did it! I abseiled 120ft down the side of an office block in Reading in aid of The British Red Cross.

A massive thank you to everyone who sponsored me.

I managed to make just over £240 so was really pleased and will shortly be posting the free pic! Not that it will be at all glamourous, once you start getting somewhere on the abseil you tend to become a bit of a pendulum and I completely lost all footing, my feet would not stay to the wall, I was totally in the wrong position and ended up flailing my legs around and just dropping to the bottom!!

It was so good though, very exhilarating and the Red Cross team did an amazing job at organizing it all and getting everyone motivated with free sweets and lovely name badges!

Keep your eyes peeled for the pic!

Tips and Tricks....adjustment layers

Right, thought I better be of some use or of use to some of you, whichever I have decided to do a post about photoshop!  So for those of you that don't know, this is a mini tutorial on using adjustment layers.  I have used CS3 on a mac so things may differ if using a older /  newer version or a PC.

Right, thought I better be of some use or of use to some of you, whichever I have decided to do a post about photoshop!  So for those of you that don't know, this is a mini tutorial on using adjustment layers.  I have used CS3 on a mac so things may differ if using a older /  newer version or a PC.

Adjustment layers basically allow you to adjust curves, colour balance, saturation, levels and various other common editing tools by layer, so you can target different areas of the image rather than the
 whole thing.  This is particularly useful when colour managing an image as you can concentrate on the skin, then the hair, then the background and so forth building up as many layers as you like.  Plus you use the brush so can choose opacity and the use of layers allows you to alter opacity as well.

So open your image.  Choose the area to focus on.  In this case I am reducing the red in the face and the yellow in the background.  First your go to the layers palette and select the 'adjustment layer' tool.  A new layer will appear with whatever adjustment you have chosen.  In my example you can see that I have used the selective colour tool, therefore my new layer is concentrating on adjusting various colour channels within the image.

Adjust as you would but concentrate only on the part of the image you want to change.  So in this c
ase I am adjusting the magenta / red in the face.  Don't worry about anything else in the image, just the part you want this colour adjustment to apply to.  

Once done select the mask on the layer, take the brush tool, make sure black is selected and choose your opacity.  I would recommend 50% at first, subtle but it works.  Then brush back in those areas you do not want the changes to take place.  So, in this case I brushed back in the clothes, background and hair so that the adjustment only affected the face.  You can then adjust the opacity of the layer if you wish.  

You can also do as many layers as you like.  So the next example shows a few more colour adjustment layers and you can see from the mask where the picture has been affected and where it has not.  Each new layer will concentrate on a different part of the image.

Once you have what you want and you are happy with the adjustments you can carry on editing as normal!

PS: For skin, selective colour is often used.  However I find that using the hue/saturation tool is just as effective when using layers and just change the hue ever so slightly and the saturation of the magenta.

More random ramblings and tips and tricks to follow next week!  If there is something in particular you want to know.....get in touch!

Carli x


Something is missing in my life.....I know this how?  I went shopping today.  OK I know, I am a woman and it is therefore my prerogative to want to shop & buy lovely new things, plus I have gone over 2 months without making a wardrobe purchase so of course, that had to be rewarded!  Anyway, something is either missing or I am looking for something.....so the psychiatrist would say!

It could of course be the fear of abseiling 120ft down the side of an office block this Friday.  In aid of The British Red Cross and in order to get my home town of Berkshire a new ambulance a load of us are abseiling 120ft.  I am yet to decide if i should go in fancy dress or plain leggings, I am sure either will be a fright to 9-5er's as they mull over excel spreadsheets, a cuppa and a hob nob.

Anyway what I bought and wish I had the money to buy is something completely different....therefore feel free to drool as I will be doing!


Little Rocks, Big Mountains and £700.....

The last few days have been rocky.  Business has ups and downs, we all know this but when you are on your knees in desperation worrying about money, when your next job is going to make an appearance and sifting through marketing tips but really not knowing how to deal with them....things do not seem good.  Then, wisely, you decide to learn more about other people's business's.  Normally this would fill you with ideas and encouragement, look where you can be!  Ok well bugger that, today I hit ROCK bottom and these successful companies and friends achieving goals and putting their marketing ideas into feasible well executed plans are nothing but a slap in the face.  I felt truly defeated.  I am a creative, not a business person and what i thought i knew, I realized is just not enough to get me through.  

What do you do when you feel like this, who do you turn to?!  There is a great need at the moment for a group of marketing people who offer advise.  Not big PR firms or marketing companies but small freelance business savvy folk who can offer decent, affordable, structured and achievable marketing for the small business - I can see a place for that.

Anyway, after threatening to set a crow loose on someone and hoping their eyes were pecked out; shouting a little & having a good moan to a friend, oh and that huge chocolate bar I felt a little better.  Then my business link advisor sent through some marketing stuff we had discussed last week which means I can make a true start on that marketing plan i should have done last year.   Then a very good client of mine decided to spend another £700 on digital files and another phone call to offer me some assisting.  My afternoon was looking brighter and brighter and it was even topped off with the possibility that I may be able to see my man this weekend as he is willing to drive from Manc to give me what is now, a celebratory hug!

Ramblings I know but the motto of this little ditty - Have faith!  Business doesn't land on your lap and good luck doesn't exist, you make your own luck.  But with some plans in place, some promises to yourself that you really will keep, a goal in mind and some encouragement from friends and you will get there!  I believe again, almost!

If you are still struggling and need some inspiration, I have listed below some websites that I often find useful for an up the bottom kick; if not that then some darn good time wasting!

What are you talking about woman.....

Random collection of updates really but a number of things of interest, or maybe I have been listening to too much Radio 2/4 on the long drives home.  Honestly, it is GREAT for keeping you awake, music is far too soothing so the chatter keeps you going and, you would be surprised at how much you learn!

So first, the Radio fact.  Some ambulance driver was driving a guy to hospital who had suffered a heart attack or something similar.  Realizing half way there that he was 15 minutes over his shift, he diverted the journey to the Ambulance depot in hope of being there in time to catch the last bus to the pub.  Dropping of the ambulance and letting another driver take the dying geezer in the back to where he should have been going, A&E he toddled off on his merry way.  While the guy in the back, well unfortunately he died.  This is a story of disbelieve and also sadness.  That someone could do that.  Would the guy have died anyway?  Did that diversion or 10 minutes or whatever it was difference cost this old man his life, his wife her husband and his grandchildren their grandfather?  

Lesson is basically - you got to put yourself out.....customer service - everything!

On a totally different note I am starting to think people are either lying or my teeth are becoming hypnotic.  Today the eight person in as many days has commented on how white my teeth are.  Now this is not the first time ever but I haven't been using some new toothpaste and in fact the only thing I am doing differently, is not flossing!?!  Anyway, there is no secret....my teeth just must be white i suppose, not that I ever notice any difference between anyone else's!?

Ok so something useful and art related might be useful rather than words falling out of my mouth!  Last night saw a truly AWESOME Fat Talent Live.  I am not just saying this, every act was beyond perfect.  There were so many talented individuals there and my fave of the bunch who I have discussed before - Chocolate Blonde.  Her energy is electric and we have decided we are def doing a shoot together.  Finding the time will be the next thing but she is excellent.  

Choc Blonde and all the other acts can be found here and have their own sites on myspace.  Pics from the evening will be coming over the next 48 hours - so check it out!!!

Signing out due to sleep depravation, lack of constructive conversation & a glimpse of a chocolate bar. x

Bouncing and Boozing....

Listen up kids and parents alike....the government have issued a warning after doctors have advised that drinking alcohol while bouncing on a trampoline is dangerous.  Do not grab that Stella and combine it with a bounce on your bum, do not grab that glass of vino and then join your kids on the trampoline you bought especially for the summer because this is a warning......"Adults, please note that lager, wine, and trampolines do not mix."  (Even more so kids and alcohol don't mix, although I reckon you could get a few stubby's in that Pampers)

This isn't a joke.  Don't eat chicken after 5pm, Don't drink too much OJ, Don't let them wear Nylon, Don't eat rocks, Don't poo in public, Good God Don't show Little Johnny that!  Is there anything we can do?!

Other fooooolish Health and Safety Rules......
- Pencil Cases banned at St Anne's Primary School in case they hide sharp objects.
- Foam floats band from swimming pools by Dudley Council in case they hit swimmers
- Sunscreen banned in Manchester Primary school over allergy fears
- Meatballs taken off the menu in case pupils choke
- Boy of 10 banned from wearing snorkel in case it breaks