Whiskey and Lemsip...

(Image courtesy of the JamJar.com)

Having been in bed since midnight Boxing day my hours have clocked well over 115 and now, at 10pm I decide I have the energy and the urge to write a post.

Anyway, looking fully ahead to the New year and 2010 (in my case being celebrated with a shot of whiskey in a Lemsip) is high on the agenda. Having never written a business plan and my marketing plans starting at 100-mph and quickly halting to a stand still, I feel it really is time I pulled the finger out and got some solid plans down. Therefore my new notebook (any excuse) is now clearly adorned with asterisked goals that by this time next year I hope to achieve. Some realistic, some aiming high and some just frankly ridiculous. (I don't see Ricky Whittle and myself getting married anytime soon, yes my embarrassing but guilty pleasure!) Anyway, onward and upwards with me new notebook, my new goals and now my points on how I plan to achieve each one. My first one is learning to manipulate natural light better and for that I have already purchased a Holga. I cannot WAIT to get some pics up.

Anyway Happy New Year to one and all and here is wishing you all the best for 2010.
More blogging to follow once my paracetamol hangover has subsided.

Time for some family this Christmas....


I refuse to moan about the snow...its just so magical! (Yes that was said while spinning in circles and wishing on the pretty flakes it will be a white Christmas)

However after being stuck in my car for far too long yesterday and almost losing a toe to frostbite, I thought camera tips may not be handy, a quick guide to escaping the snow in a car might be however. Ladies, Enjoy.

* Don't get in the car in the first place, stay at home like 'they' said.

Everybody loves Chocolate....

This is it, the Extra Special Pre Xmas interview with non other than CHOCOLATE BLONDE!!! If you do not know who this lady is then where the hell have you been?! She is a fast rising star injecting her electric personality and foxy moves into hip hop / pop / RnB / lets just get giggling and moving music. Plus she has the pleasure of my new style interview technique....hold on to your seats ladies and gentleman cos its gonna be a big one........

So we are going to be conducting this interview in the bathroom. Ok stay with me here. So, this is the scene:
You’re in your bathroom at home, you’re getting ready to go out for a gig and unusually have loads of time to spare. There is a glass of your favorite tipple on the side and some music blaring from the uber cool inbuilt sound system.

- What is the first thing you see as you open your bathroom cabinet?
A note saying well done for upgrading the bath room - an uber cool inbuilt sound system for me - well done, there would then be a second note - saying make sure you upgrade your sitting room next as listening to songs threw your mobile as entertainment for guests is not cool haha

- Your toothbrush, good old manual or an electric dream?
Always electric set my teeth alight !!! - bling!

- This tipple that currently balances on the side of the bath… what is it?
It is empty

- Ok so for those that don’t know you, give us four bathroom items that best describe you and your music.
Dove - i like to leave you feeling refreshed and sky high
Domestos - bleaching keeps the place and the mind clean
Shower head - always faithfull- HAHAHA
My towel - always ready to wrap you up and make feel good

- You’re a pretty feisty lady with some serious sexual attitude….have you always been like this and what do you put your positive female attitude down to?
Erm---- yes i suppose ive always been like this all though every day i seem to learn something new - the postive side defenately comes from my mum and my friends that i keep always an insipiration all so special as individuals. All my female friends and my mum are all straight up - no long ting lol

- I heard Italy has been on the cards for you recently, as well as telling us a little about what you were doing out there can you tell us did you stay in a hotel? Was the linen and towels etc up to scratch? Oh, did you come back with any fancy soaps or shampoos or possibly even a free dressing gown?
I was Naples had a brilliant time stayed with the family that owned the club. Mukcumba beach club, absolutely beautiful. I was well taken care of treated like one of the family , performed in front of some very important people. In 2010 Italy and myself should definitely be spending some chocolate time - whoop. There was no soap stealing - the dove, it always
gets me threw lol.

- Shave, Wax, Cream or Epilate?
Ha i shant say forests always keep you guessing!!

- Is there a boy waiting patiently outside the bathroom for you?
Erm - ill have to check one second.............. 10 hours later still checking

- What are your goals for 2010?
To be in your shower booming around the room and being sung from your vocal chords.

- If you could visit anyone’s bathroom in the world who’s would it be and why?
Mine as its my favourite place to be - relaxing in the bath woooooooooo lovely

- From where do you seek inspiration?
That has to be coversations i have with friends family etc.

- And as a final question; there are 6 rubber ducks in your bath. Your mum buys you 2 more and then your friend a further 9. You feel there isn’t enough room for you so remove 3. What is the square root of the remaining number of ducks?
I could’nt tell you to busy playing with the 3 I had to start with good times !!!!! hahahaha

Well what can I say.....pass me that Dove. If you want to see more of le Chocolate then check her out on the links below.

The nights are drawing in...

Lets face it, the nights are well and truly drawn in and by 4pm you are dreaming about getting home in front of the warm fire and tucked up in your favourite big cardi, slippers on and a glass of your fave tipple on hand. The last couple of hours at work are spend essentially clock watching.

Well take up some of that time by entertaining yourself drawing lines all over your screen and then watch Santa sleigh down them to collect his presents...watch out of the nasty volcanos (I know, who thought they were in the North Pole?!) and the reindeer. Have fun!

Gold and Glamour at Stoke Park...

If you haven't yet got your images from the beautiful Gold and Glamour event held at Stoke Park then please visit the client gallery here.
Remember your password and if you don't, just email me on hello@carli-art.co.uk

There is still time to get mounted prints before Christmas for that special gift. Orders must be complete by Thursday 17th December. No time for Christmas? What about New Year. Visit the galleries here.

Foto Tip Friday...but on Sunday...

Ok so a small collection of tips this week, some from me and some from other photographers. All references provided.

- Need a smile and its just not working? Get the person you are shooting to blow out their cheeks for as long as they can, not only does it give them a great smile and laughter when they can no longer do it but it gives you time to think about your light and framing.

- Look behind your subject. Odd bins, the corner of a jacket or a passer by staring blankly at you can if you don't want it, ruin the shot. Consider your background and surroundings at all times, they are just as important as the subject.

- Move. Move around, change your angles and get lower down. You see at one level all day every day, change that.

- Shooting reportage. Don't just snap away. Take a look at where you are and step back. Watch people and be patient. That stunning picture or group of friends laughing is just about to happen, just give it time.

- Always use a UV filter when shooting in the day.

- Go on, have a go on manual. And if you aren't there yet then try aperture priority first. Read your cameras manual for a first start guide to this, it will offer some get going tips.

New Images...

New pictures are now online, take a peek and visit the Events, Corporate and Portrait Galleries.
Happy Viewing!

What do you think?

So the Front Page of Running in Heels has been put back until next year. Still totally chuffed they want to use my pictures but somewhat annoyed I was told 7 days AFTER my images were meant to go live, its just a case of manners really. Maybe thats how it is in the magazine world?! I don't know unfortunately...one day I tell you one day! Oh the world of fashion, full of sharpness, apples and last minute changes. I will keep you posted on when they will appear in next years issue, presumably a summer month as the images tend to lend themselves accordingly.

Still on the fashion front but in a commercial sense I am shooting a new banner ad for the trendy geek / urban brand Limited Ink. These guys do some really cool T-shirts for men and women and up and coming artists can even submit their own designs to have printed on limited edition graphics tees. Bit of customer research needed so this is where you guys come in and would love to get you involved! I have included some of the graphics below and would seriously appreciate your comments....the good the bad and the ugly. Just give me one word or image that is conjured up in your mind, something that you think of when you imagine the graphic on a tee or of course, on you looking hot in the garment!

I look forward to your feedback!

I've been driving in my car, beep beep...beep beep...

Yesterday: 2 hours in car.....45 minute meeting....2 hours in car....1 hour at home throwing food down my neck and finding suitable gold jewellery to wear.....45 mins in car....Stoke Park Gold and Glamour evening......45 mins in the car....1.30am bed.

So, my day yesterday involved a fair amount of driving then.

Although a busy and vehicle filled day was left behind yesterday it was really great, with a meeting to discuss a new banner image for the Limited Ink fashion brand and then a Christmas event at the beautiful Stoke Park. Guests were in fine spirits with some offering to drape over the grand piano and others even getting me involved with their group and including me in the picture! The rest of the weekend will certainly be filled with editing and more late nights, but cosy and comfy in the biggest jumper I own and with a wintery fire blazing. Ah, the first sign of sniffles from the Christmas Spirit bug.

Monkey around....

I was asked what my customers thought about me, and in all honesty I wasn't able to give a conclusive answer. Probably because I haven't asked them. Its scary really and also a little bit intrusive to ask what people think of you, not at all British Darling. However, its true that if I want to know what my clients think then the only way to know is to ask them. If nothing else, I want to learn what they don't like and change it.

So, I sent a brief email round asking a few clients to take a look at my 3 question (yes only 3 questions!) survey and complete if they wished, so far the results have been great so thank you to those that have completed and those that are just waiting for that 5 minutes to take a quick look.

I am rather chuffed with one of the trends in what people like about my service, mainly as I really try hard to do this but it was my ability to listen to my clients. Great news because I really do think this is the most important part of creating a relationship with a client and completing the job with positive results.

A negative (yes I am telling you these!) is my reluctance to supply contact sheets. This is not something I originally thought feasible and indeed for some clients is not, they just prefer to get beautifully edited and retouched images. For others though they want to see the nitty gritty which, I now will be taking action to improve!

So if you haven't done so yet I would really appreciate your feedback and if your feeling left out and want to spend a few minutes having your say then answer my survey here. You can tell me how I can please you....ooo matron!

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