OK, who blinked....

Hands up who likes having their picture taken?  OK, no one, anyone?  Thats because very few people do, I am not even sure pro models like it they just aren't too bothered.  This of course always make corporate portraiture a little bit tricky and something I have had a little bout of recently.  (Not like about of holiday tummy, this is a purely positive thing.)

I was asked to provide some advise to my sitters and I always tell them to think about what they wear and exactly what they want to say about themselves and the company, the rest in all honesty is my job.  I need to make the person sitting in front of me usually sweating and laughing uncomfortably, less so.  I tried memorising jokes for this purpose which went horribly wrong & dancing like a fool is not an option while trying to take pictures so I now stick to two key rules.....always meet the sitter before the shoot.  I know its extra time out of my day but its important to me and I feel its important to my clients. It just takes the edge of and they can then ask you face to face anything they may be worrying about.  The second, have someone else in the room with you from the office.  This could be the receptionist, the person who made the booking or a fellow colleague but if the sitter is ok with it then so far, it seems to have worked.  Portraits are more relaxed, natural and ultimately honest which can only be positive things for the person or company representing themselves through the images.

I am certainly no expert at this so if you have any more tips or advise regarding corporate portraits or a niggle or treasure you want to share...please feel free!