Extending the exclusive...

Besides the obvious cakes and sweet goodies, exclusive viewing galleries are an addition to my services I have really enjoyed offering recently.  They offer a fantastic way to showcase your event or project within a bespoke designed website, giving your guests, delegates or employee's am opportunity to remember their event in style.  Its a great way to spread the love and of course the PR.  

For those of you that don't want the world and its mother to know about your event, your not alone and its not a problem.  The galleries can be designed without any SEO or optimisation making them darn near impossible to find unless you have the web address.

This was a service I originally offered to Toyota Lexus when I covered their Hybrid Sport launch in August and have had the pleasure of extending the fun to Ernst & Young, Jalouse and Competitive Events.    

Want to see a site?  Want to see my experiences last night at the Jalouse club in Mayfair?  Check it out: HERE