Feeling mobile? How much time do you spend on yours...

Yes its almost midnight (23:56 to be exact) and I am awake working having just got in from an event in Bloomsbury with Hotel Russell and Genie.  Pictures are required for PR first thing so typically, my card reader is taking its time & stopping at Bognor Regis for a holiday before completing its upload.

On another note though I sat there on the train on the way home & started thinking about just how much I used my mobile phone, so were talking 85% of my life really.  Text, call, internet, photos, maps, whatever. if I can find an excuse to use it I will.  It got me thinking as to if I used it more to view the web than my actual computer which lead me to thinking my new website (coming soon!) really should be mobile optimised.  I-phones of course fail miserably as they cant read flash (I hope that decision maker was fired in the world of shiny silver Apples) but otherwise were all good & I have for once been relatively sensible and have a html only version of my site available.  Yay for old school.  

So the post was leading somewhere...oh yeah...this rather interesting article & some scary facts such as we spend almost 7 hours a day on our phones or using media content!