Portfolio update: Untitled......

The next big thing?

Event UK are holding another 'Next Big thing' competition, giving the events industries top acts and performers a chance to compete and the opportunity to break into the corporate entertainment and party scene.  You can win £1000, a contract with top entertainment industry Sternberg Clarke and extensive free promotion - visit the Event UK 2010 site or click here for more info and an entry form.

Caffeine & Umbrella's....The Grant Barnett shoot....

There is something about driving through London at 5.45am in the morning that although insanely early, is also somewhat invigorating.  Our early start was to be blamed on the needs of a commercial fashion shoot, a team of 9 arriving at The Rag Factory in Brick Lane at 7am to dance, prance and generally get out and about with designer Brolli's.

Caffeine was in high demand and after some excellent work from the team, a few 'is that rain' moments and  some rush changes in the back of taxi's we finished tired but happy...oh and all with a small crush on a certain pink, punched lace umbrella.

I chose these images to post as these are the ones I am likely to put in my portfolio, they are the one's either often passed off as 'mistakes' or images that for some reason, speak to me! Plus a little behind the scenes at the Rag Factory - with thanks to: The Rag Factory, Tim, Tom, Ilona from IE Makeup, Rachel West Wardrobe stylist, Jo from Nicholas Hair and fantastic models Emily and Louise. 

Final images approved and passed to campaign to be posted soon...watch this space!

Recent Events - The Battle Proms & Folk by the Oak....

Postings have recently been lame, more than lame.....awful!  Thankfully this is due to me being busy however apologies all round for rejecting a vitally important part of what I do.  This apology acts more so as a kick up the backside for me!  So above is a sneak preview of some recent event photography and to come will be some images from the Grant Barnett Fashion Shoot which I am doing tomorrow - a 4am start...nice!

Blogging to improve....

'The' Weekend for Events...

The weekend just gone was apparently 'the' weekend that everything happened in terms of events and weddings, there were agencies crying out for more Champagne flutes and teams cursing the intern who mis ordered the caviar appetisers & were now attempting to rescue the situation with a emergency trip to Waitrose.  

I did indeed attend (kind of, stay with me here) two weddings.  I was second photographer for Emma Coleman of Blink Photography for a beautiful wedding at Pembroke Lodge, a regular venue for Emma I had never ventured there before and was very much taken with the outside terrace and the willing staff who kept offering me alcohol based refreshments!  If you keep an eye on her blog there will be a posting soon I am sure, look out for the shot of the white chocolate cake, yes that is the cake I resisted sticking my finger in to lick off the icing!

The evening saw me head over to Ayslesbuty for probably the plushest wedding I have ever laid eyes on...a stunning display of stretch tents, bespoke cushions, bar and bunny shaped lighting.  Some sneeky peeks below for you which were taken on behalf of Ten By Fifteen structures.  If your into tents or moonlight might just be your thing.

The other event I attended, this week actually but hey ho, was the launch of the new Toyota Lexus Hybrid Auris...phew thats a title.  It was held in Cambridge and managed by TMB and was filled with pretty pink lights, free luxury beverages and check it out - an old school games room!  Loved by many this room featured Pac Man, Table football and Space Invaders...images to follow soon.

On an entirely separate note if you wish to see a posting I did on Networking in Berkshire re Twitter then click on me.  I by no means posses some magic key to the door of Twitter knowledge however I have found a local clan of professionals who meet in a rather nice bar and talk tech; offering advise, guidance and also a networking opportunity.  I am going just for the board games and Jelly beans!