Caffeine & Umbrella's....The Grant Barnett shoot....

There is something about driving through London at 5.45am in the morning that although insanely early, is also somewhat invigorating.  Our early start was to be blamed on the needs of a commercial fashion shoot, a team of 9 arriving at The Rag Factory in Brick Lane at 7am to dance, prance and generally get out and about with designer Brolli's.

Caffeine was in high demand and after some excellent work from the team, a few 'is that rain' moments and  some rush changes in the back of taxi's we finished tired but happy...oh and all with a small crush on a certain pink, punched lace umbrella.

I chose these images to post as these are the ones I am likely to put in my portfolio, they are the one's either often passed off as 'mistakes' or images that for some reason, speak to me! Plus a little behind the scenes at the Rag Factory - with thanks to: The Rag Factory, Tim, Tom, Ilona from IE Makeup, Rachel West Wardrobe stylist, Jo from Nicholas Hair and fantastic models Emily and Louise. 

Final images approved and passed to campaign to be posted this space!