56% spam, 44% after party...

Who would have believed just 4 days out of the office & I am literally swimming in emails, admittedly at least 56% (rough estimation of course) are spam or newsletters or various info I am signed up to but the others must be answered.  Therefore anybody still waiting for a reply I apologise and promise I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.  

Being busy is fab, I will never complain and its when I perform best.  Eating Snack a Jacks and Snickers in the car, reaching insane sugar levels with Lucozade energy tablets every time I manage to return to my camera bag and grabbing 5 hours sleep before up to do it again.  It fills me with a little dread before I have a mad run like this but I love it when I am there and the time flies by.  Clearly, hence the increasing back log I am now faced with.  When its quiet it suddenly becomes very difficult to focus on whats important and all those really vital business running things that I should be doing fade from memory & I find interesting industry articles to read, new blogs to code (another excellent procrastination tool, I am learning HTML) and of course editing.  This week, editing is the name of the game and the laptop is suffering as much as me with a corrupt hard drive and yet another full external drive already.

On the picture front, which I suppose is why you are really here; as promised below are some of the Bryce Aime After Party images.  Hope you enjoy.  To follow.....A test shoot and me playing with various effects on some events photography.